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What Does This Prove?

It proves that any man who hits a women, is not a true man. Any "man" or "woman" who hits their partner or child is nothing but a coward, who has no soul.Violence of any kind is wrong, but of course "self defense" is different. Fighting for our Country is different. We all get angry no matter the reason, but it is wrong to hit another. I agree with those who say "just leave" , but it is not as easy as most think.Until you are emotionally,mentally and physically down,you don't know. There are those who left the first time it happened and stayed away no matter the situation. They are lucky. Some who have gotten beat, may have been killed the first time. Then there are those that stay longer for whatever reason,get out and then,still get hurt after or even killed. A restraining order is great, but does not save them in most cases. Then there are those who endure the abuse for many years, calling the police,then taking the abuser back. Defend yourself they say! Read up on the laws, you would be surprised in some places how the police handle self defense! Rape is also a form of physical abuse, just to set the record straight. It happens and yes, in relationships,marriages or even just a form of friendship,or a complete stranger. These evil creatures need to be sent somewhere they cant harm anyone again. If you know someone, please help them, be there for them, even if you don't understand. Encourage them they are better.
realityvsdream realityvsdream 36-40, F 2 Responses Jan 29, 2012

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I jst hate these kind of people...they are worse than the wildest beast

I agree!

Your right, the police really don't show up to verbal abuse calls. But, in my experiences, the abuser gets a slap on the wrist especially if there is not enough proof,not enough times or has not touched the child, only the partner. Its a shame and sick how these type of people get away with this. Thank you for commenting Handsome:)