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My hatred for abusive men runs deep. My dad hit my mom until she left when I was 4. 5 years later, when i was 8/9, she got with another man. He seemed sweet at first, a friend who just divorced. But after 2 years, the mask came off and that man is a monster. He got into fights with my mom at least on a weekly basis. Being twice her size he left knots and bumps on her head, bruises everywhere else. I cried the first year. So did she. But after that we were too used to it. 6 years later I moved in with my dad. And my mom and the monster moved to Dallas., that was 4 years ago. She has been with him for 10 years, and cant get away. He monitors her every move. Her email, Facebook, and she rarely calls. I have now not seen her in over a year. She makes excuses bit I know her too well. I know its his fault. I know he still beats her. Every day I wait for the call saying she dead or in the ER. And it will be his fault.
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I am thrilled to say she is finally out of that relationship and that monster is now rotting away on drugs.

My sympathies are with you. Just wanted to say that could you just try, with a couple of friends of yours, to give him a taste of his own medicine, if you can stay out of the picture it will be better. In that way he will know how it feels like to get beaten and might not hurt your mother anymore.

having grown up with an abusive dad, i have no love for them either. i just hope that your mom gets out of this relationship by any means necessary before it's too late.