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I never speak to anyone about this and I am going to let it out here.

My first boyfriend and I met in highschool. I was in swimming and my friend introduced me to this new girl from Mexico. Her name is Ana. We all hung out and I found out she lived just down the street from me. The school that I went to was about 20 minutes away so hardly no one from my school lived in the same area as me.

The first time I went to her house, it was a bunch of us girls from the swim team. I was in 11th grade. I remember we were all in there sun room with her Mom when I walked into the house to get water and I walked past Jorge. There was a connection right away. We were all drinking and he took a few of us girls to the gas station for more pop. My friend thought it would be funny if we made out with him. I didn't want to because I didnt know him. I dont want to share what I saw go on in that car but after that, I was totally turned off.

The next night, I was out with a bunch of friends. When I got home around 12, my little sister came down stairs and said these flowers and balloons are for you. On the balloons he wrote in marker, Elizabeth I <3 you, and you're a great friend, and youre beautiful (he really didnt speak english well back then so I dont think he knew what was acceptable at that time) attached to a little teddy bear. I guess he scared m,y little sister because he kept knocking on the door at night around 10 pm and she didnt know who it was and finally after 10 min she answered. My parents were due back around 3 that night and I didnt want my mom to see because she would probably never allow me to sleep at Anas knowing her brother likes me, so later that night my sister and her boyfriend came homeand I told my sister to keep the flowers and for him to say he gave them to lindsay. I popped the balloons and I was NOT interested in him.

For that whole year and summer he bothered me EVERY DAY texting me please be my girlfriend, I love you and so on and so on. I actually hated him. He would spy on Ana and I and follow us in his car to see where we were going and tell his parents to get us in trouble if we were lying. He would yell at Ana and always be on our case.

My senior year I somehow started getting feelings for Jorge. I was also bored and decided I wanted a relationship since Ana was now in a serious one. We started dating and it was fun for the first 6 months. I graduated and after a few months, we got a town house together. It started with him getting jealous when I would hang out with friends and not him adn then some how it came to the point where I wasnt allowed to have ANY friends, especially his sister who was my bestfriend or we would be done. I loved him so much and spent so much effort and time on our relationship. I wasnt willing to give him up for anything at that time.

Once I ignored and lost literally all of my friends, Jorge started saying that my older sister was a bad influence on me. Now I wasnt allowed to hang out with her. He would scream at me when I would text her back. It was so stressful. I lost everyone and now relied on Jorge for everything. He would say mean things about my family members and even call my dad a ***** behind his back because my Dad will never say no to me. The first time he touched me was in my car. I told him we were done because it was too stressful and I was no longer happy always arguing with him. He apologized over and over again and bought me nice gifts. (diamonds) I took him back. I also was so in love with him.

I had to go to school in Wisconsin so Jorge moved with me. I made a couple friends that jorge approved of at first. Then he started always accusing me of cheating again and wouldnt "allow" me to do anthing. I found out he was on this sex friend website and I still stayed with him. I dont know how I did that now looking back. He always denied everything. Jorge went to jail 5 times living in wisconsin with me. It was so hard on my dad to see me with this guy. It was always making an excuse for black eye and bruises everywhere. I never told anyone but my family knew since I would call them when he would end up in jail. I had teachers come to me and try to talk sense into me. My Dad would drive up all the time and try to get me to kick him out or come home and finish school there. Once Jorge finally got out of jail the last time after being in there for a couple weeks, he decided we needed to move to mexico. There we would have a huge house and our own maids with a wonderful life. I agreed. I dropped out of school, quit my job and straightened things out with my land lord.

i was too afraid to tell my parents that I was moving to Mexico with Jorge so I just went without telling them. His mom and dad flew up to help us pack then dirve our cars and uhal . I was in Mexico adn I was having fun living a great life for a couple months but was stressed from constantly lying to my parents and also worried because I wasnt allowed to go anywhere alone because it is dangerous there right now. After my mom was screaming at me again wondering why i havent been home to visit and why I couldnt make it to my cousins wedding, I broke down and finally told her where I was now living. She started crying and begging me to come home. I said no. For a solid week I had my parents, sisters, grandma, aunts and uncles calling me to come home. After the first day, I turned my cell phone off and didnt bring it into town where I got better service.

One night I told jorge that I was thinking about going home to visit and he freaked out. Said I wasntgoing to come back if I did. This was the worst beating I had ever had. One that I havent ever spoken about to anyone and one that I try to forget. He was accross the room and he picked up a candle and threw it at me. It hit my right eye and I couldnt open it, It was bleeding. I fell to the ground and was holding my eye. I tried rawling to the couch and he kicked my back making me fall. I was crying and tried to crawl again. He kept kicking me everywhere. I made t to the couch and was reaching for my cell which was on the cushion. He grabbed it then pulled my hair and hit the side of my face. He kept hitting me over and over again. Then put one foot on my neck adn was choking me. I thought I was going to die. I some how made it to the bathroom adn locked myself in there. He kept banging on the door, trying to knock it down. I was in there for about a hour until I thought he had left. I went into my room and about a minute later he was in the room with me. I was terrified. I didnt have a phone at this point. He looked at me and fell down and started to cry. He said he didnt know he did so much damage. My eye was swollen shut, I had been bleeding from my nose and eye. I didnt know what to do. I said he was forgivin and he took me to a drug store to get stuff for my wounds. I was broken at this point. He swore to me he would never hit me so many times and I was nearly beaten to death. I was numb and depressed and acted like i was okay.

That next day he left for work. He took my phone with him. I went on facebook and messaged my dad telling him I was ready to come home. My dad had made a facebook soley to get in touch with me. everyday iming me to come home. Within 2 hours he responded saying he booked a plane ticket to san antonio for tmrw and to meet him at the airport at 2. I got one bag ready. I put some of my favorite, most expensive jewlery (which I had a lot, my dad owns some jewelery stores since ive been little) a couple of my favorite dresses and my favorite shoes. I put this little duffle bag in my trunk and thought up excuses to leave the next morning by myself. I lived in a desert town called Piedres Negras which is on the border of TX. That morning I told him I was going to cross the border to go to get eggs. This wasnt strange to him because in Mexico they leave there eggs out on the table, not in a frige. I told him I wanted to go alone and I needed space. I had my cell with me. He finally said okay after laughing saying Ill probably get lost and killed on the way to the bridge. (which was 10 min at most from where we lived) and wished me good luck, being an ******* the entire time.

When I went through border patrol they searched my car and asked me many questions. This wasnt uncommon becasue my car is nice, and has MN license plates. MN is on the border of Canada and Now im on another border. Making them question if I was dealing drugs. I told them i was going home to visist and they all told me never to return. Since I hadnt been kidnapped yet they said it was only a matter of time. Once I crossed the border and was on the long road back to the highway for SA I called jorge and told him I was never coming back. I picked up my Dad, it was a very emotional experience to see my dad heartbroken looking at how badly beaten I was. I was also EXTREMELY thin. I think because I was so stressed.

I changed my number, blocked him on facebook and tried to never look back. His sister sent me a nasty email saying all my clothes were now going to her and her mother and how much of a selfish ***** I was and how their family had just used me. It was so hard. I am back in MN now with no friends, not in school adn no job. I eventually got everything in order and got most of my friends back. Ana has since apolgized and we even had lunch together. I feel bad for the stress I put my family through over the couple years I was with him. I am almost glad it happened to me. I was so young and now I know that I will never be with someone like him again.

I am glad I came on this site and finally wrote about it. None of my friends I have made since him know about what happened, not even my now boyfriend. I am crying a little writing this but I feel good letting it out. I dont like talking about it because I do not want peoples opinions of me to change. I am such a strong person now. I wont blame being 17 or age on why I stayed. I can understand why people of any age would stay. Insecurity, and love. I am greatful I found a place where I am comfortable to share this story. After letting it all out, I never want to think about my ex or the relationship again.
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Happy for you, dear, that you escaped. Your Family won over you afterward.
I understand you and root for your successful victory.
I am In the exactly same marriage (real marriage) for longer than 33 years and with the kids. Kids are carrying non-erasable scars: both mental and physical. No way out, since living in foreign country.
I deserve everything I am going through. Never listened to my family, got myself stock in the living hell. Where I was expected to protect, I only got my children and myself deeper in alive mud.
I hate my guts that I am not capable, and never was, of being mother that kids would be looking up to.
I am being pitted on instead of being admired.
There is nothing to look forward. And, the most painful for me is that not only I destroyed my life by not escaping torture, but most of all hurts me that I did the same and worse to two young lives, I was supposed to lead safely through life.
Even the root of the agony is in my husband, if only I had little courage to leave when it was safer for all of us.
He is one of those that can be pleasuring himself to the no end while watching us shiver in fear of his torture. I should be the one executed, because I voluntarily put myself and my two children to life sentence.
This post may serve to those mothers that can recognize myself in their daughters to try hard helping them stand on their two feet. There is no marriage per say here, only predator pray relationship, and even though, I accept responsibility for not acting right when I could have done that safer. Really, kids should admire him not me.

Wow that's crazy, he's a coward. but you're beautiful you'll need a great man that's not insecure. I'm thankful that you're okay,

i wish the best for you. May God help all those who are in this kind of relationship. and You writing about it might help others. Be happy Be safe.

I am sorry that you went through that. I hope that you have, or will, recover.

Thank you. I have recovered.

Wow, you're so young and already faced so many problems... that's a tough story, but I think that in the end, by the way you told us, everything that happened to you somehow helped you to get stonger and become a better person... I really hope that you get through all of this and never meets someone like this guy again!!!

thanks! Everything happens for a reason I guess.

i can understand ur feelings !! luckily u got away !!!! u must have strong nerves !!! so glad you got away!

Your a very strong woman to withstand what happened to you. He doesn't deserve anyone, let alone you. Guys like that make me sick

I'm glad you found the courage to get out of that abusive relationship not many victims do if a guy have to use his fist to get his point across then you know he is not the one for you

Why take you so long? That kind of guy can be understood almost right away...

Its great you escaped being in another country and only having him to depend on so that he can have more control over you. I'm so glad you got away.

I am so glad things are so much better for you now! Stay strong, and continue to use your "common sense" There is NEVER ANY excuse for a man to hit a matter what! Have a great day...and thank you so very much for your comments about my stories....So glad you like them!

You're a very strong woman and I'm glad you are no longer in a relationship with someone like him. real men don't hit women.

I wish I had been strong like you...mine lasted 27 years but I did manage to finally get away. What a horrible experience for you but it sounds like you learned alot and what to avoid in relationships. I wish you the best!

It's really incredible that you survived this trauma. I hope that you can move on with your life and never experience anything like this ever again. Stay strong darling!

I feel for your Dad. For me I'd have to keep myself from shooting the bastard in the head. <br />
<br />
Congratulations for getting out of that situation. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that so I hope you realize how awesome you are!

Omg u got me soo attach to this story..felt like flying to mexico and kicking his *** wat a dork!<br />
U def deserve better!..wish u all the best hun :-) <br />

You are a very strong lady who has learned from experiance, which is probably the best university around. Please share your knowledge with other young ladies so they won't need to go through the same ordeals.

I feel you girl...., You look so pretty and man like him does not deserve you. You can make up a lost time... but you are too young and the whole world is open for you. Like they say there is never too late to start from scratch with right steps. You have seen a lot in a very young age, but make it your strength. <br />
<br />
And I am sure soon you will find a man who will keep you happy and you will remember anything else beside his love...

Is this your real story... ? If you have survived in those condition then surely strong girl.

It is my real story. Thank you for reading it and thank you for the nice comment. I am a lot stronger than I was back then.