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I was a victim of violence one time. The feeling of vulnerability never leaves you. My arm was broken after he pushed me into a table across the room. Then other things happened and I decided to buy trained dogs to live with me. I love my beautiful dogs. They are my best friends and they love me with no condition. Oh, and no more ******* abusive men anymore. I almost wish the man would return again and I can prepare him a plate of cani teeth on his ****. 
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6 Responses Jun 8, 2012

Oooo! Sorry he hurt you! Terrible! I never have a dog.

I love my Pitt he is my baby and the only one who makes me happy

Animals can also sense when a person is good or bad, even when other people can't.

what a jerk he was , hope you meet up with him again and your best friends take care of him. animals , dogs and cats are so much nicer than people they love you and want nothing but a litte food and love in return .good luck hon.

Rottweilers are wonderful dog and make, In my opinion, the best personal protection dogs they are faithfull, loyal. I believe you made a good choice in that breed, plus you are a woman and it has been my experience that whether the dog is male or female they attatch to caring women strongly

Our best friends don't judge us and are always loyal. No wonder we love our dogs!! Glad you made it through that!

So right you are .