The Curse Of The Wife Beater

A old curse is upon my family, so I'm told.
I belong to a race that dabbles in spells and curses and a hex was made on a wife beater almost 150 years ago. She was quite a beautiful woman who married a man who loved his alcohol and she took the brunt of his anger many times.
She cursed him and every first born afterwards that they would be nothing but useless drinking wife beating slobs with zero respect for women.
Ever since then, my great great, great, grandfather, and father all suffered this fate.
I am the only first born daughter in almost five generations and I don't have a violent bone in my body, but my anger makes up for it.
I've attracted alot of violent men in my life, so I wonder if my curse as a woman is not to give out violence but receive it.
Since I'm female and my grandmother has kept well in tune with this hex, its up to me to break the cycle since I have a first born son.
I know this sounds unbelievable in this day and age, but my race is in tune with their heritage and their ways before being westernised and its quite real for us with magic and curses.
Some would say biological, but this is the story that's been passed down in my family. As a warning.
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The best way to teach your children how to treat a woman is to not allow abusive men into your home. That is THE BEST WAY of ensuring that they are not exposed to such behaviour. With regards to the spiritual side, I can sort of relate. My father was a polygamist, and his father before him, and his father before that... I noticed a desire in me to love multiple partners from a young age. So I decided that I would not become that way. And what can I say, I hate the idea of cheating on my spouse. I have similar traits that my father has but I am very different from him. How? Because I made the CHOICE to be different. You have the power to make that choice. Curse or no curse. If you believe that you can break this chain then you will, YOU WILL. But if you just believe that this is something you just deserve and you cannot change anything then a curse you shall surely receive. You have acknowledged it, but don't accept it, reject it.

So interesting!! Abuse runs thru my culture... Its a very common thing!! Im interested in knowing what nationality you are :-)

im maori and tahitian :)

Funny, I kinda thought it sounded like a "Maori curse"
Im part Samoan and abuse is such a common thing in our culture!!!

well talofa!!! awesome to see a kiwi on this :)

and yes definately agree it seems to run thru polynesian culture aye...

Ohhh :-) Kia ora!! Its such a awesome site... always awesome to meet another kiwi ...

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yes families have curses, so to speak. families are like an organism, and just as organisms can be flawed and limited just as they can have strengths and abilities. these behaviors, experiences, conditioning, patterns and such travel from parent to child as much as eye color, talent, and facial features do. becoming aware of these things is the first step in breaking the "curse" or stopping the cycle of dysfunctionality. sounds like you are doing well to break free of those detrimental things that have plagued your forbearers. i applaud you.

Thank you :).. five generations of self destruction is more then enough!!

Sounds like a very inconsiderate, inappropriate and irresponsibly-cast spell. Contrary to the purpose of stopping the atrocity from happening. That would be like cursing Hitler's first-born and every first-born descendant thereafter to embark on a holocaust. Perhaps a medium can work with the spirit from the other side and get rid of the curse. There has to be a way. We live in a Universe of abundance or the Universe would not exist at all.

yes, I definately agree with you on that!! when I was first told I put it down to supersition and just didnt think any more of it, but now that Im older Im really questioning the whole thing. Ive been wanting to bring in a medium to see if anything could be done, but they probably will have to be from my culture. Im researching at the moment trying to find a way, my grandmother who is a great believer herself does not want to touch it.. Ill get there in time but Im just teaching my sons not to carry on with it by excluding them from all violent things and teach them about the effects of alcohol.. hopefully that will work.... from a clinical prospective Im thinking genetic, but I cant be sure on that because it seems everyone else who is not firstborn has it together...