To a Mans Defense

I have been all over the place literally out of control with my partner. I have pulled his hair, pushed, bitten him, kick and screamed for the past month and a half, all he has done is restrain me and try to calmn me down. I feel like a mess. Come to find out that the dose of Wellburtin they had me on was over stimualting me and making me they lowered it by half and added cymbalta. So to a man's defense us women can get pretty looney when upset. I don't think it was rite for me to hit him. I actually dont think it is ok for anyone to hit each other but Somehow I just lost my mind and blacked the heck out. I feel much better now that my meds are leveled. I feel horrible for what I have put him through. U know I always tell my side of the story for the first time I wanted to give you a glimpse of what he has dealt with. Since changing meds I feel but better, more calmn and relaxed.

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5 Responses Jun 26, 2008

It sickens me women find it amusing that they get violent but men who have lost it are arrested and made to feel like scum. I'm not condoning violence I just hate the double standards. I once grabbed an ex due to her cheating on me after living together for 10 years and having 2 kids. I was arrested (rightly) and have been treated like scum (which I am), but my ex attacked me 3 times through just being angry at me. This was met with no more than indifference by anyone. Why do men get such a hard time, yet women hitting or being violent is met with indiffence or mild humour? It is simply unfair. Women who hit or are physically or emotionally abusive are scum too.

LOL @ "I'm not on anything and sometimes I bite when provoked"

haha yeah us women can get pretty violent when we want to..

Thanks for being so honest. There are not a lot of women as honest as you. And even less who take responsibility for anything.

I'm not on anything and sometimes I bite when provoked...maybe I needed sleep...or a tranquilizer dart. LOL! I hang around animals too much. Ha ha!<br />
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None of us on the other side can really know what goes on in your relationship. But I do know we can only do our best to never repeat our mistakes. All sides included. I feel for whatever it's worth that things work out for the best.