Well 99.7 % Of The Time

I am against hitting women under almost all circumstances. It is interesting to see so many people just downright saying they are against it as well. With most people things are relative when morals are concerned. Then there are some things that are just unquestionably always morally wrong. This is one of those situations. I guess it makes sense under normal conditions. But, what if a woman had a man held captive and tortures him daily and deprives him of food and water. What if it was a necessary thing for him to hit her so he does not kill her, but so he can flee and manage to ensure he does not have to continue living in such a horrible situation?
Just a thought.
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allthough I'm usually the girl who sais " I can take you. I'm strong " , it is usually bullshit.
Girls just aren't usually as strong or as quick as guys.
And they tend to think more irrationally.
Sorry ladies.
But if the woman has a steel rod or a baseball bat, yeah. Hit her. She can defend herself.
And if she is helding you captive, yes. Please do.

yes, under extreme situations , - go hit a woman if shes being violent to you or need to restrain her

but most of the time - NO