The Abused

As my mind filters through emotions
brought on by a life full up of different devotions
Eminent corrosion of "feelings", the enviable aftermath of explosions
This is my mind after provoked implosion
It used to be so clear, but now its all dismembered
The thought was there, though now it can't be remembered
Probably for the best, as the truth would have just been censored
Instead I'll speak in metaphors to be deferred
Mindless proverbs to be heard
At one point I was shackled to a life that was utterly disturbed
It would have made the most sound mind perturbed
Absurd ways of living in a life so unforgiving
Time to sit and do some siving
Separate the real from the fake
Though sometimes it's hard to differentiate
And so you keep it all close to the heart like a keepsake
Waiting for the right like to debate
To break free and run beyond the gate
Before you've taken more than your heart can take
Making your life sedate, and freedom evaporate
Turning everything you love into hate
Turn it around before it's too late
Nobody should ever have to live life as a subordinate
unbreakabllove unbreakabllove
26-30, F
Dec 29, 2012