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An Abuser

An Abuser

You can keep your sorrys
As long as you make yourself the victim
Your sorrys don't mean nothing to me
You go back in time,
Pointing the finger of all those who have done you wrong
And then there's me,
The one you are chosing to beat on
And make me feel less of a woman
I am not your past
You are making yourself a victim
But you are creating victims
The monster that you are
With your abusive ways, neverending
Continue striking at those who try to love you
And then say you're sorry
Expecting me to forgive and forget
All the cruel things you've done to me
Keep your sorrys
I don't want them
You'll hurt me again
As long as I am around
You abusive monster,
Talking down to me like you own me
Making me feel worthless and unloved
I start feeling weak and scared
And you leave bruises on me,
All because you are not getting your own way
I am not your problem
I have done nothing to you
But you hurt me over and over
Making me cry and feel guilty,
All over something that you did
And there you go again with the sorrys,
Along with an "I love you" and a kiss on my forehead
And I am suppose to pretend it never happened?
Just forget about the bruises and scars you put on my heart and body?
And I am suppose to say "I love you" too?
And let it all go,
Just like that?
That is your way of trying to control me?
Is it your way to convince me to stay?
But then shhh,
Can't tell nobody what you did
Nobody would believe me
You don't want to show the world what you truly are
But I see you
You are a coward,
You are not a man
Your ignorance has made you stupid,
A freightened little monster with very little hope
Your abuse don't make you a man
Not even a human being
Still pointing the finger at those who done you wrong
Look at yourself in the mirror,
You are the one that is doing wrong
And you don't even bother to see it
You refuse to accept what you've become
An angry monster,
That is selfish and aggressive
Don't care about anybody but himself
Would be proud to see me crawl into a ball and cry
Accept what you are,
An abuser

CreoleItalianwoman CreoleItalianwoman 31-35, F Jan 10, 2013

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