No Reason At All

There is not one justifiable reason that I can think of for a man to physically harm a woman. Even if he were to be beat upon, there are certainly other avenues that he could go down instead of punching her.

It's completely unfathomable to me how many men think that it's justified.

What's "justified" is being on the defense. But, being offensive is not the only way for defense...and is truly the wrong way (imo).

He can throw a television at her, hit her with a club, hold her down so that he won't hit her--but to physically touch her is out of the question.

And any "boy" that thinks that they can (and I say boy because men would NOT do this...again, in my opinion) are simply ******* and do not do their penis justice.

Since I see them as cowardly/weak, I feel that they should be castrated (what's the point of having balls when you figuratively have none) and should get a sex change operation because they are, in essence, *******.
RationalCutie RationalCutie
26-30, F
Jan 18, 2013