Beaters Suck!

I was raised to respect women.
I tried to fight back against my older sis ONCE & daddy beat the crap out of me.
Ever since I don't hit women, don't stand by and watch some one else hit women,
I am not a large man, but I have beat the crap out of guys bigger than me because I witnessed them strike a lady. That sh1t don't fly with me!
Women are considered the weaker sex, and deserve respect. I would never make it in, say, an Arabic country where wife/female beatings & abuse are not only acceptable, but common place. I would probably get my butt kicked (or killed).
I some times show apartments for my landlord and recently was confronted by an obvious beater. I showed HIM the 2 apartments we had (he said it was just going to be him and his kids. I suspect he didn't want her name on the lease in order to keep her under his thumb. Police can't remove him from an apartment HE only rents ), and then we go outside where he HOLLERS from the front porch at the car "GIT THEM KIDS OUT THE FRONT SEAT AN GIT YO *** IN HERE AN LOOK AT THIS APARTMENT *****!" at which point a Very pregnant woman gets out of the car and stumbles up the stairs. No recent black eyes, but I could see the previous scars on her face, and the fear in her eyes. She liked this one, he said "No. I take that one."
Didn't rent to him, cuz I knew I'd end up confronting him at some point.Sorry I can't save em all. I hope she wises up at some point.
shmedlheimer shmedlheimer
46-50, M
Jan 19, 2013