Truth Behind Her Tears

my brother ex girlfriend brother came home drunk and hit his adopted sister. and now she comes to sleep over my parents house when ever he shows up drunk... her adopted family seems to me as bad as her real family who abandoned her... it seems we are her family now. Why are there so many screwed up familes and how come they cant get their s$%t together.

freeflowing freeflowing
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

The good Lord is not the head of the family anymore. Men are not the head of the house because some of us women want to "rule the roost". Children are seeing too much and we are giving them too much too soon. Some of us our getting our "strength" from the bottle, the blunt, or the pipe. We don't listen/respect our elders when they try to teach or counsel us. More and more people are living their life by how they feel and not by the word. But its not over, God is building up men and women that will have/teach their kids, family, and even their enemies the word. God will be the focus and God will recieve His glory and then families will be families. Keep being a strength and safe-haven for that little girl God sees all and I'm sure He will reward you for it.