When I was younger my mom dated several people who hit her, even though I act like it hasn't affected me it does. I keep having flashbacks and nightmares. If your reading this and know someone who is going through being hit tell someone even if you promised not to, especially if she is a mother.
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It hurts to be hit by a person you have feelings for or thought you had feelings. Reading that you saw your mum got hit, just made me question myself.....my child saw me got hit too by her dad. I am sorry you had to see your mum get hit. I think you need to move on as I believe she would have to move on too. Life too short to keep holding to the past. I don't have all the answers but I love my child dearly and will give my life anytime to save hers.

Dont blame yourself, you were just a kid. Your mother was the grownup , she should never let you go throught that. But I am afraid she was hooked on that guys.