Im Srry Dont Hate Me

first i just want to say i dont do it anymore anyway i lost my true love cause i used to hit her and that why im here i wish i could go back and stop myself can anyone plz chat with me to help me

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18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

It's brave to admit to that, so well done for recognising you were wrong. Like the other guy says, counseling! Don't be scared to admit to the problem in order to seek help. Help is always good, right. You can't go back. You can only regret it and move forward. Why did you hit her? You need to make sure those triggers won't cause the same reaction in the future.<br />
Good luck with it and may the future bring you happiness!

As a past counselor for a domestic abuse agency- I can tell you that statistically it probably is too late for you to restore that relationship. Once the trust is gone and it is replaced by the very primal emotion of fear-most women just can't live with the "possibility" of it happening again. The logical response to the "ob<x>ject of fear" is avoidance. Most women expect a companion to protect them from aggressive males so if you become that aggressor yourself - a woman will actively seek to get away from you (and hopefully find a new nurturing relationship). But you can go to group therapy and learn techniques to deal with your anger. Sadly many men are ordered to go to counseling by a judge and have no real interest in changing their behavior. But if you sincerely want to change - call your local Domestic Violence Hotline and they will refer you to a free Anger Management program that will allow you to establish violence free future relationships. You've taken the most important step in recognizing your problem. I wish you nothing but success.