An ex of mine back a few years would do some under handed things. Talking to other girls cause I didn't want to let him in the cookie jar. I had a feel something was up. So i decided to have a sit down at our school on the bench near my drama class before school. When i asked if he is messing around. He went loco saying I'm the b++++ who is cheating since I won't let him touch me. Safe to say we went out of hand and he slapped me. I pushed him hard and left. As i waled away I screamed its over.

Months later he try to get with me again and drinking a lot. I just ignored him but still felt the sting of that slap. Whats with guys hitting women? Like its all good. Never know others see you and report your a++. Either way just saying ladies you don't have to put up with men b.s.
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My sisters ex boyfriend was the abusive type. though one day he slapped my sister in my presence and there were consequences

I would have done the same for my sister

oh you would have cut off their hand too.

If someone hurts who I love yes I Could use objects or my own body to fight someone.

same here

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