Abuse Is Bad

I hate men who hit women. I also hate women who hit men.

Abuse is abuse is abuse, regardless of who is committing the offense. I hate anyone who feels the need to prove their power over someone else, or fuels their own self-worth by abusing another person or an animal.
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I keep wondering where the line between Discipline from Abuse is drawn because I've been abused by a pair of western narcissistic egocentrics who ALWAYS believe it's their way or NO way Mentally, Emotionally, and early in my childhood Physically. Now I just want to get the Heck out of here and start anew as a baby, a girl Ninja named Ailani Moon yet. Please Help!

So agree with you.

There is no reason for abuse except they get away with it. we should never tolerate it

Nobody should get away with Abuse. I just wonder where the line between Discipline from Abuse is drawn.

the retarded part is that he went back to her when she dropped the charges... he went back to her the second time too, when he took a baseball bat to the head... the third time he went back to her, I quit talking to him<br />
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that third time she didn't drop the charges because that time he did push her away from him, and she fell and hit a wall... aww, opoor baby lost her balance and had to quit hitting him with the baseball bat

yeah see that ype of case the woman should of been locked up. I was just saying a woman can hit a guy in self defense not anything else but self defense. A guy shouldn't do that even in self defense.

I know, it makes no sense at all! As someone once said "The law is an ***"

That's terrible - I know a guy who was abused by his ex-wife throughout their marriage. Thankfully, they're now divorced and he has re-married to a lovely woman who used to be in the same situation with her first husband.<br />
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Phew! *mops her brow* Hope that all makes sense!

i had a friend whose wife hit him in the face with one of those old rotary phones. She hit him 3 times, and he did not defend himself because he doesn't hit women. The neighbors called the police, and when they got there, they arrested my friend instead of his crazyass wife.

I agree with you completely Eyes. Abuse is the same, regardless of whether it's a man hitting a woman or vice versa.

Though I agree wtih you Eyes abuse like that is just wrong I do think a man hitting a woman is a diffrent type of low then a woman hitting a man. I think that is because in my heart and how I view things one of a Man's responsibilities (inate ones like a law of nature or what have you) is to protect women. A Man should know how to take a hit from a woman and not lashout back. Not justifing the woman but It is always wrong when a man hits a woman if some chump hits a woman first though that owman not only has the right but the responsibility of sending that chumps voice into a falseto :)