These Men Are Cowards!!

these men are cowards that would never even even think about taking their anger out on another man!! just yesterday, i heard from a friend, who told me that his next door neighbour got arrested, cos he was well known to the police as a wife beater, but he never ever got arrested, cos his wife wanted to stay with him, for the sake of their daughter, who is about to start high school soon, or she has just started high school or something like that, but yesterday morning she told her mother that her dad had been abusing her for years, apparently from when she was 6 years old!!! its shocking!!! it really makes you wonder sometimes if its really best, to stay in a relationship for the sake of the kids? i mean, if you take this case as a classic example, that girl's mind is going to be messed up for years to come!!!

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That's such a sad story, very complicated in many ways, you just wish everybody just had the strenght to say no, to start a new life, to search for what's good for themselves instead of danger, but of course it is easier to say that than to actually do that and one just can't judge people but that kind of extreme situations are what make me hate life in a way because I don't accept that life is good and bad, I just feel very depressed with bad.

that is exactly the point i was trying to get across *searcher26*!!! i have an older female friend, who was once in a relationship like that, and once her husband at the time, bit off, part of her female organs, down stairs if you know what i mean, she decided enough was enough, and got divorced from him, and left him!!!! no woman deserves that, and i have listened to a lot of stuff she has told me, and its disgusting!!! and if you ever need to talk about your problems, then just contact me!!! i would gladly be here for you any time!!!! xxx

well, i didnt exactly mean, that its acceptable to take your anger out on another man, i was just trying to prove a point as to guys that beat up women are cowards!!!

i know *shine*, i'll just never be able to understand what makes women want to stay with guys like that!!!