You Can Always Walk Away

My ex spent 15 years doing what she could to make me angry.  She knew that I would never physically hit her and she took advantage of that.  I realized that if I was going to hit her that would not be true to who I was.  Still she persisted.  The last time she pushed me to anger I had already filed for divorce.  She looked at me and began berating me worse than she ever had and in front of the children.  Calling me a little boy, inept and a few other things I don't care to share.  She capped this off by screaming I was a Ni**er in front of our daughters.  At that point I looked at her, stood my full height and said, "A man is leaving today.  A boy would have hit you by now."  I hugged my girls and walked away.  The point of this men is to look inside for that little bit of strength and stay your hand.  If you need to use that energy, walk away.  And keep walking.  That is what a man does.

GoodMan67 GoodMan67
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

It was indeed a "Real Man" who walked out that door and as you said, "a boy would have hit her".<br />
I have been in that position and did draw back my fist to drive it into the 'b----'s face, but I hit the wall instead. I walked out the door and filed for divorce the very next day.<br />
Congratulations for being "a Real Man".

You are right, it was a Man that walked out the door and not a little insecure boy who needed to hit a woman to feel better about themselves. And your girls will see that and admire you as I do. <br />

Good for you.<br />
I hope your ex is not bad mouthing you behind your back. Do everything you can to keep your relationship with your girls strong. <br />
Best wishes.