Any man who hits a woman is a sick, pitiful f*cking excuse for a fuman being.  I mean how much of a p*ssy do you have to be to hit someone who is smaller than you.  I would not dare say it is because women are weak, that's not it.  Some women allow a man to hit them because they think they deserve it, or they don't think there are any other options, or they are totally smitten by that person to leave.  There are so many reasons.  Women generally want to look past all the bad sides of their man, so they just accept it; and men take advantage of that.  In my opinion, any man who can hit a woman should just be shot.  It may be a violent way, but at least it would prevent them of teaching that to their children, you know what I mean, teaching their sons that it's okay to hit a woman just because, and terach their daughters that it's okay for a man to hit her.  Because it is never okay.  And that is what is wrong with this world, people want to try to rehabilitate these people, when there is no such thing.

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I agree completely! I was in an abusive relationship, and it sucks! My story's up on my page if you want to read it :)