Awkward Team Exercise

My freshmen year my gym teacher made us get into groups to do some team building exercises. We had to do the spiderweb which was where you help team mates get through holes without touching the ropes. I was the skinniest on my team so I hated getting hoisted up in the air feeling man handled being shoved through a hole and I landed on my back. Another exercise we had to do was somehow fit us all on this smallish platform. My team decided to have everyone lay down and dog pile on each other. For whatever reason I got stuck on the bottom getting squished to death. The awkward part was when some kid was getting on he rubbed my butt in some circular motion which freaked me out. Because of that it was pretty much my fault that I screwed up that exercise I wasn't getting my butt touched anymore from people trying to get on. Running in gym also sucks I'm always the slowest my stamina is total crap.
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Nov 27, 2012