"Don't Like" Is a Better Term

Every single one of my close friends reads these books. I don't. I've been through the first book, [and I know, I know.. it's not "the best one"] and the ideas in it did not grab my attention. So I never read any other books. I don't have anything else against them.

However, it seems my friends absolutely live for them. I despise any day/week when a new Harry Potter thing comes out, whether movie or book. They go off on tangents about how awesome it is, and 'Do you remember..?'s. This leaves me to either walk away, ignore them, or be bothered by them. I am not one to like being isolated either. So to be put in the spotlight, and interrogated for my reasonings behind not reading their precious series bothers me, a lot. They mean well, and don't bother me that often, but every now and then, they make little comments. Or they start talking about the series again.

It's not just my friends either. They aren't that bad I suppose. My brother though, he is practically trying to shove the series down my throat. He's that kind of person who thinks that his way of doing things is the way. If he likes a book series, he tries to get me to read it. Harry Potter, since it was such a long series, has been the worst.

I don't get what is so fascinating about these books, versus any other magic book...
Kagit Kagit
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2007

I now how it feels like, my friend loves Twilight and I totally despise it.<br />
Why don't you tell your friend that you tried to read it but you just didn't like it, and that you really want them to stop talking about Harry Potter with you.

Good point. However I can manage to follow the basic storyline just from what I hear my friends say. I go to the movies with them too, and listen to them complain about all the stuff that was left out. It's true I don't get ALL the information and details, but to be honest, this is just another 'trend' I'm ok with not being part of - much to my friends' annoyance =P

I think part of the fascination of the books is the widespread fascination. Everyone knows of the book, and seems to have an opinion. The writing isn't brilliant, but there are enough people involved that their are events around the book, and events are something to do. The book openings aren't filled with fanatics, some people just like the book and want to get out. If you don't wan to be excluded from conversation about an hour of wikipedia reading will give you more than enough knowledge to hold your own :-P