Hate is an opposite of Love
How does hate originate?
a perception of deceipt, betrayal, let down leads us to hate somone, or hate group of people or even hate regions and countries.

what is perception?
it is a belief which we carry forward from our ancestors,society, environment and culminates further through media for power gains.

what is power gain?
any individual or group of individuals wishing individual to believe that what is right is their opinion and their rationale to it through supporters who can be genuine, non-genuine, influenced for individual gains.
the power to build an illusion of hate and hold individuals attached to them

do individuals really get influenced?
it is obvious yes

what if hate is fully justified?
are we able to bring solution to the reasons of hating. if answer is no, why cannot we take neutral stance and bring logical analysis to hatred and dilute the same with love?
as finally what is destined will remain history and what can be changed through will power and patience is our future.

love to this group.

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i may be wrong and will like to learn from you as i do agree a strong love can lead to strong hate and vice versa. from english pure dictionary perspective it has different meanings. takecare and all the best friend

yep.I already made a story ,explaining what I think about it.
And maybe we don't agree completely,but what I really like is that you made me think.I was always hoping that EP could be a place that can make me think.But it's rare.There are thousands of stories posted every day,but your story is one of the few worth commenting.

i do agree. even you made me think.
takecare and have nice day.