I Keep Flipping Out On The Man I Suppose To Love

Let me start by saying I think im in love but im not sure if im in love with the man or just being in love with being in love. I keep flipping out on him and honestly he starts it and I run with it.Then I regret it because I go way too far.I cant make him be the way I want him to be and I know this and he has many legal problems right now so its really not a good time to be flipping out on him but I cant help myself.We have been together for two years and this started about 3 months ago and is getting worst.he don't want to take credit for his help in starting me but I think he likes it because I have a really good make up game and when I flip I always feel bad later and kiss his ***. Its like he gets me to flipping out so he can just sit back and wait for the make up.This is not love its sick.Im ready to change my number and give us a break but I know he needs me during his trial but I really dont like flipping out. It be dumb-ish like he will disappear for hours and say he was sleep but really was out or just try to maipulate me into doing things for him. I know what he is doing and still do it.I hold it in until I cant no more then I flip out and he love it.Now today he is missing again I should get up tomorrow and change my phone number and not call him until friday because im tired of these games.I ts breaking my heart more and more and I hate it.Any suggestions......

umgirl umgirl
36-40, F
Mar 14, 2010