It Hurts

I like him so much. We've been in classes together for a few years now and I've never really payed attention to him. Ever since he joined AP chemistry he has been talking to me more and now Ive developed feelings for him. I even thought he liked me too since he liked to flirt all the time. One of my friends told him that I liked him and all he said was...Im going to pretend you didnt tell me that... when I found this out, my heart sank. This is the third time ive had a huge crush on someone and they just mess with my emotions. They make me emotionally confused. A different guy is still playing with my emotions. He flirts with me so much when we're in class together, but outside of class he never talks to me at all. I just give up. I dont want to have crushes on any one any more. It always ends with my heart being broken :(
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I know how it feels. I hate it when I have a crush on someone sometimes and they don't like me back. It feels like my heart just sank. But we'll find that special someone.

Most people are in it for the chase. Once they have you or what they want, either they don't want it anymore or as much, or they make you think they don't want you by playing the mind games. They flip the sc<x>ript hoping that you will wonder what happened making you think or them, by chasing them. It is exxhausting.

yea that makes sense

Yea thats true. Usually when someone pays you special attention I thought that means they like you cuz thats what has happened with me in the past.

flirting is a game, its emotionally stimulating.... and that is it. If your looking for real love it involves commitment through ups and downs, sacrifice, selflessness, and honesty and trust. your still young and not many people find real love even as adults.