I Hate Them!!

I hate having headaches!! I seem to get them everyday!! I guess from stress and other things!! Headaches make me feel like crap!! I hate it when your head starts pounding!! I sometimes become dizzy!! I just don't feel like doing anything!! I feel like I am popping pills after pills for my headaches!! Nothing seems to help!! I hate having them at night!! Seems like I never get to sleep when it happens because it just hurts so much!! I remember I had like a months worth of headaches!! I hate when my sinuses come around cause that just makes my headaches worse!! All the pressure and stuff!! I am not good with pain!! I get headaches from the heat!! Makes me feels super sick!! I hate them so much!! I wish there was no sickness or pain in this world!!
laughsalot92 laughsalot92
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012