Live W/ It

i get horrible migranes habe 4 well over ten yrs, now. doctors have run so many tests, but me on tons of different meds. but still the migranes persist. its a horrible feeling. i cant remember what it feels like not to have a pounding in my temples n head. i go to sleep w/ my head hurting n wake -up feeling the same. i just have come to learn to live w/ them.i have tried changing my diet, exercise, everything people n the doctors suggest, but nothing has ever helped. i would love to wake - up one day n just not feel that pounding pain in my head.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I'm sorry you're always in pain :#( That sucks. I too get migraine's. How I figured out what triggered them was that I keep a health journal. I write down EVERYTHING I consume, even if its one piece of chocolate. Plus I write how I feel. Like today I wrote Sinus' Congested and swollen. Intense coughing. Eyes on fire. Also I keep track of how much stress I'm under and how it effects me. Like Jaws Tight or Shoulders tense - extreme stress. <br />
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If I get too many days of back to back stress, boom, migraine. It won't go away unless I give into the pain. That means accepting its intensity. If I fight it, it lasts longer. When I give in I tend to relax my jaw and neck muscles. I gave up eating gum so my jaw muscles wouldn't be stressed and if I needed to relax them I could do so easily. <br />
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Also caffeine dehydrates me. So if I become dehydrated, boom, migraine. Then I have to drink like a 2 ltr bottle of water for the day and the next I'll feel a little better. Needless to say, I try to not drink caffeine. I came to these conclusions from the journal. I looked for patterns of the pain. <br />
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So you may want to consider keeping a journal for at least a month or so, then go back and look for patterns. Like tense jaws or eye strain = a certain intensity in the headache. You will have learn what are you own triggers and then either try to avoid them or if that's not possible, learn to reduce them from your life. I don't have daily migraine's anymore, thank goodness.