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Oh... You're Kiddin' Me... What The F*@# Mate...?


So I'm going to this huge event called Love Groove... It's a Valentine's themed rave. I'm going to be meeting DJ's and hanging out with other promoters. I had bought a cute burlesque style dress and even made sure that the torso was made longer than usual to accomodate my heigth and my chest. I'm going to be going there with a really special freind of mine and well, I don't want to embarass him by any means.. I'm worried about my dress and as you can so plainly see... my chest just... pops out! How the hell can I cure this dilemna?! The pictures a wee bit fuzzy... but what can I say.. I wasn't operating the camera... and I'm not all dolled up so I look like crap.

:: shrugs ::

gypsofbabylon gypsofbabylon 26-30, F 52 Responses Feb 2, 2011

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Very pretty and nice display

Thank you Grl4u! I wore it to the first Valentine themed event this last weekend and I'm totally gonna wear it again for next week's V-Day event called Love Groove. It was a hit, I got lots of compliments. :)<br />
<br />
Why sweettaco! You're too kind! :) That is a very good idea, maybe I'll do that next weekend!<br />
<br />
::tips hat::<br />
<br />
Thankyou girls!

Bleed, you know I always do.<br />
<br />
lol at hotrodd ::wink::<br />
<br />
Jackk I **** you not man! Thanks for day dreaming! :)<br />
<br />
Oh hey... that's not a bad idea petite!! I'll definitely look for one that can go with my dress. Thanks!

Hey Dont start flirting now, You already had me at "hi"<br />

LMAO treat em mean.......

It's ok... if we went anywhere together hotrodd, I would just slap you in the face and sucker punch you in the stomach to bring your feet back down to the ground. lol<br />
<br />
Thanks alot guy! ::muahs::

Im still trying to get my heart started...<br />
How the.... Just an amazing look,<br />
I coldnt go anywhere with you like that.<br />
I would be falling all over you.<br />
But I would be proud as a peacock as well<br />
Damn your beautiful<br />

Yes Bleed, point noted he does have a big *** truck. <br />
<br />
Hotrodd... it's always a surprise whenever you pop up! You just seem to come out of the wordwork at the most interesting times... thank you... I don't think I've ever had anyone give me that many capital letters before! :)

He's got a big *** truck

I think it looks just AWESOME the way it is...<br />

LOL!!! Thanks Rage... I'll really try not too! <br />
<br />
Thanks Breezysunshine!!! You're such a doll! ::muahs::

very sexy! dont change a thing!

You look so hot in that sweety! *kisses*

You're truly wise Bleed. :) ::muahs::

I'm only thinking of your best interests ( . Y . )

Norcoguy!!!... is that from Norco in cali?

Firegod I would totally welcome a visit!!! :) You're brain might explode though from too much stimulus though! :p<br />
<br />
Fine Bleed... beacuse of you... I will not use duct... I will go out and purchase this over priced T!t tape... grrr.. ::blows kiss at Bleed::

LMFAO but you'd be stuck if more than one girl needed a hand

And why they invented My hands. very good at holding boobs.

I would have to agree with toady on the duct tape on your tatas. That's why they invented *** tape

Gyps I really have to come visit. A pirate And Medieval Knight? You are all sorts of good time.

LOL!!! Dude... I'm in the SCA... which means I dress up in medieval armour and fight other people... usually men, in armour. When the cloth part of your jock or jill strap break... (which has totally happedened!) and you have no time to get another one because battle starts in like one minute, yeah... I've known planty of guys to duct tape that crap on...... it's really not as bad as you think... i don't know how your friend did that... but... that's very unfortunate.

Alright McToady... but if my dress falls down while trying to shake it on the dancefloor... I'm holding you accountable! LOL

ROTF!!! Thanks Buddha... That's quite the compliment! :)<br />
<br />
Thanks for the confirmation Firegod. lol

And he " Jizzed in His Pants"

LOL!!! Thank you Normac! I don't hate em... I just wish they would... pop out less! lol

grade A crap thankyou! :)

I am not at all surprised that the camera is shaking. You look so damn hot and sexy that I would expect the camera to shake in any read blooded man's or womans hands.<br />
Your breasts are beautiful. Show them off and be proud :-)

LOL!!! thx for the words of encouragement womaninbliss!!! :p And to answer your question.. no, I totally do not just stand there... I like to get down with music on the dance floor! :)<br />
<br />
I almost go you too!

well, for what it's worth gyps ... I don't think you stand a chance of keeping your boobs in that dress ... unless you plan on standing around with your arms down by your side all night ...which I don't imagine is going to happen for one minute ... looks great by the way ... how about some neon or illuminated pasties ... so when they do pop out you an shake them around by way of saying hello! **ducks from gyps trying to give me a slap** lol