I Hate Having Company Over

Growing up when I lived with my parents they would always have people over without telling me and force me to come out and say hi and bye, it was so annoying, people are a good thing I just have to be in the mood to talk, have to like the company that's coming over and have to get a long with them...only friends have been to our new home since we moved, family has not been since I don't talk to them anymore, I've always felt like the house visit was an invasion of my personal space, I like for home to be like a sanctuary escape that we can go to, my husband and I love our time together and enjoy the quiet, it takes an introvert to understand one, I honestly don't think it's our job to try to get everyone to understand us, But we both don't want to change it up and start having people over, it's just so annoying when they come, stay for too long, want to see all your house and touch everything, nosy...then I have to clean and make sure I have something tasty to eat for them, it's extra work that I'm not interested in, I love to cook though, people have to be special to come over, be likable and just as kind as I am lol
LorealRose LorealRose
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2012