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i hate having dry lips but i aint no puff. I worked for years with an Irish gang digging the roads and if id have said to the ganger man "jerry , my lips are cracking a tad in this evil north wind , have you got any lip chap old bean ?" he would have said "ill be givin ya sumut fe ya lips arl rite ya **** ya" and then he would have administered a withering upper cut to the mouth. hHow times change , now its lip balm , hand cream and sun cream . Im a real man all be it with cracked lips hard hands and crap skin, Aaaaahh , those were the days.

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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Wow!<br />
Your life was hard!<br />
You must have those muscles!

hahaha thats funny : )

Chapstick--gotta have it--

I have to tell you about Aquaphor!!! Put a little of this or your lips every night before bedtime and your lips will be BUTTER smooth in the morning!!! I LOVE this stuff!


you stalking me ?.