Is There An Off Button For This Stupid Thing?

I seriously dont know why I have to care. I wish I could just flilp a switch and say **** you feelings. I wish I could be as cold as his piercing glare. Being sensitive has always been a weakness of mine. I often wonder if being cold-hearted is something that can be learned or if its something your born with. I want to be numb. I dont want to care... I dont want to care. Id rather be alone by myself then be alone right next to someone. Being lonely is better then being heartbroken.
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I start to care too much! Im not a wuss but Im sensitive also.

Well I wish I could be insensitive.

The only time I can be insensitive is at work. Or when dealing with my x wife.

Wish I could be insensitive when it comes to my ex but Nooooo...stupid feelings get in the

I just cannot be nice to her. Maybe because she doesn't work. Or pay child support!

No Bueno! That's lame. My kids always come first.

Exactly! I always put my girl first! Thats what real parents do!

Yep. My kids are my world... Id give them everything if I could lol.

My girl is the sunshine in my life. The reason i try to work hard.

That's good. That's how it should be. How old is she?

She's five. Great kid. Smart. Too smart.

Awe cute age. So full of curiosity and imagination.

Oh yea! She has a blast with a big empty box. And loves computers!

The Mine too. I'm right in the middle of moving so I have a ton of boxes. I finally caved in and let one be used as a fort lol

Got a new washer/dryer. Two big boxes. Fun fun. Wish i could be five again

Me too! It sure beats being old with responsibilities lol

Yep. Lol.

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