Can't Feel That Way, It's Not Allowed!

As a child, in my house, it wasn't allowed 2 express ur feelings or @ least that's the impression i got. Nobody expressed themselves. It was like living w/ a bunch of robots. As i got older, i became really closed off & decided 2 figure out a way 2 never have 2 express myself or even have 2 feel anything. I started using drugs 2 feel numb 2 everything. It worked 4 a little bit, but eventually turned into a habit. Now i'm in drug treatment & go 2 counciling. Yeah! I hate the counciling, i can't stand sitting around telling some complete stranger my feelings. Especially when they don't care on how u feel, they care about the paycheck they get 4 listening 2 u. So @ each session, i try 2 give them a run 4 their money!
punty punty
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013