Good Night

How do you take it when someone says goodnight to you?
Are you happy that you finally are not to see them again?
Does it worry you that you won't waken the next day,like it has me?
Do you wonder if the meaning is there for you as in...Have a good Night?
......or,.....Was there an undertone?.....Well,time to go,the final word
G O O D N I G H T!!
mzdivine mzdivine
1 Response Jun 6, 2012

It depends on who the person is that said good night to me is, If I like them or even love them then I am sort of sad to see them go.<br />
Does it worry me not to wake up again? No, I am just glad to wake up for another day.<br />
I can not live without sleep so have no choice about going to sleep.<br />
For me the meaning of....Have a good night.......depends on who said it and how it was said.<br />
If its from a loved one I know they mean to have a good sleep. We all know the meaning of having a good nights sleep to our health and sanity.<br />
So from a friend I say GOODNIGHT to you.