Call It Superstition, I Guess.

I am superstitious in weird ways. I have nightmares about vampires. I get paranoid when riding in an elevator. Every time I get in my car, the first thing I do is check the back seat. My most superstitious belief is that every time your picture is taken, a little piece of your soul is trapped in the image. And the more and more pictures are taken of you, you start to lose parts of yourself. Have you ever noticed that the most vain, self absorbed people tend to get their pictures taken often? I believe that the pictures had taken the part of them that is humility and modesty, and now they have become obsessed with themselves. That`s why I avoid getting my picture taken, at any cost. I skipped school on picture day for the past 5 years for that reason. Everyone believes in some weird thing. That`s one of mine.
JesusKravitz JesusKravitz
18-21, M
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Then I must be self absorbed and obsessed with myself, because I take pictures of myself. *Deadpan face*

I was more referring to a lot of celebrities and famous people, but if you`d like to admit something go right ahead :)

I admit nothin'.
I gotta see what you look like one day, so I hope you get over that superstition long enough to take just one picture. xD

6 years and counting, but I guess I MIGHT be able to make an exception

Oh, great. Now I`ve got a line forming. Is it really that big of a deal, you two?

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