I Will Hide Now!

I don't like my picture being taken, especially. NO! I'm not running from the law! =p

Most of this is due to my bad teeth. When I smile in pics, it's obvious! But when I don't smile, it looks like I'm angry or sad. Which I'm not! And so I want to smile... but then I worry about my bad smile again. So, it's a vicious battle of anxieties, when I have to get my picture taken. Honestly, I can't look at my pictures for long... I start falling into pit of despair, when I do!

All I can see are my flaws and my horrible teeth. And I start picking apart everything, until I hate the picture, completely! And then I start hating myself. :-/

So, this is why you won't find too many pics of myself here or anywhere on the net. =p

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Feb 25, 2009