You Can Thank My Sister For That!!

When we were young my sister had a thing for taking pictures of me.  I don't mean nice ones either. 

She would hide in different places, under the bed, around a corner, behind a door etc.. and jump out and snap a photo of me.  They were horrendous!!  I'm not lying. 

Once I was crawling out of bed and threw on a jumper and started opening the curtains.  I heard... 'Oi' behind me and turned half asleep and all 'morning-ogre' like around and she snapped one of me.  My hair was all over the place and I looked like death.  She thought it was hilarious!

Another time I was coming out of the shower dressed only in a small tee-shirt and knickers and she was hiding under the bed and snapped a photo of me in mid laugh and turning around.  I looked like a mental case.  She thought it was funny.

Once I woke up to a nice collage of photos she had put together of pictures she had taken of me while I was sleeping!!!  Mouth open.. drool.. the lot!!!  I was horrified!!  She thought it was funny!!

Once while I was coming out of the loo she hid right behind the door and snapped one of me in as I opened the door.  I was so freaked by it she caught a lovely shot of me looking as such.  She thought it was funny!!

Sooooooo many times she's done this to me, I HATE having my photo taken now!!  I always look soo ugly in them. 


Maqi Maqi
26-30, F
6 Responses Jun 5, 2009

Ohmygod..thats AWFUL!!!!!!!! So so so glad I don't have siblings.......

thanks Tarquin. No, I never did get her back, but I DID steal all the photos of her when I moved to Aussie. I still have them. I should probably burn them all haha

That sounds pretty mean Maqi. I hope you were able to get her back for some of the things she did lol.<br />
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I'm sure you're beautiful, but I don't blame you for having a phobia such as this.

I could tell that it was but as i said it doesnt matter how it is taken you will always be beautiful.

O_O!!! I luv ya hun :P<br />
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But that photo you saw is one I took myself with lots of careful planning hahahaha... <br />
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I never let anyone else take one of me :P

No matter what you could never look ugly in any photo. you will always be beautiful. Like a beautiful flower among the weeds in the garden. no matter how ugly the world get you still grow strong and beautiful