I've Always Hated It!!

It was awful on my wedding day, I didn't have a photographer and everyone else decided they would be!! "over here" "smile" "look this way" "one more" GRRR!!!! I hated it, I do wish now that I had more pictures of my day but it was just horrible, I hate my smile and so my face was aching from hours of fake smiles (not that I wasn't happy)!!! When I look in the mirror some days I think I don't look too bad but then someone takes a photo which will magnify my eye bags, spots, dark circles, wonky eyes etc I just thank god for digital cameras so now we can just keep the ones we look good in lol!
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2007

We have never had to keep any pictures that we didn't like since 1839. Now it is easier to correct the things that you don't like. I sometimes give tummy tucks and breast enlargements. Sometimes I take someone's head out of one picture and replace it in another picture. Eye bags can be toned down. Ask your professional photographer.