its just a pain in the *** I hate the cleanup and having to worry that everyone can smell me all the dang time! I HATE THEM
wetgoodnite wetgoodnite
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wish I were there to keep you company and clean you up so you wouldn't have to bother

i like the smell...i think its sexy lol...it actually turns me on when i go to a friends house and smell theirs

I just got mine for the first time. what do I do? PS I have pads

I know the feeling! My periods used to be super heavy so I was constantly freaking out about smelling and the cleanup! My biggest concern was the smell after I threw them out! It seriously stopped me from living my life, it was awful I never wanted to go anywhere. Then I found out one of my friends had the same problem and she introduced me to Scensibles Bags, check out the website they are seriously the best thing to ever come into my life!