my periods are always terrible.
1. No tampon or other hygiene product will work for me. I've tried almost all brands of tampons and they make me itch. Pads are okay, but often I find them uncomfortable and dirty. Liners are okay, too. they are more comfortable then pads and tampons but they can't hold as much.
2. I have very bad PMS. I'm an emotional, self conscious, irritable wreck before my period. I cry a lot more often over small things, I get irritated at customers at work, and I'm a lot more conscious of what I look like. Sometimes, the week before my period, I will change outfits 9 or 10 times before I leave the house. I'm also extremely tired crave chocolate and slurpees. (bad for when you're on a diet like me.)

(Not to mention, exercise is NOT permitted.)

I get the worst cramps ever, but only the first day of my period. I literally want to cut my uterus out when it happens. Midol helps but takes a very long time to kick in.

sorry if this is TMI. any other girls have bad experiences to share?
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Have u talked to your doctor about how bad your PMS is & that your period is really heavy ? It sounds like you need to talk to a gynecologist about your problem .

my period isn't heavy, though. I just get terrible cramps. my period is actually very light and lasts 2-4 days, but it's terrible.

I understand your problem I get terrible cramps too so I can sympathize .

Same here