When I followed Christianity myself, I never used to mind those little religious booklets Christians gave out to everyone and their mama but now I find them somewhat bothersome and disrespectful. Yes, in my country, we have freedom of religion. I'm going to assume that would also apply to those who are not interested in religion in any shape or form.........or rather those who ARE religious should be a bit more mindful over the fact that not everyone believes exactly like they do. I have stayed at a mission which centers around Christianity. It happened to be a place to stay and chapel attendance was necessary, but outside of that, I still wanted nothing to do with religion, though I hope they know I was still grateful to that facility.

It is my belief that religious nuts do not know what path they are meant to follow, so they choose to follow someone else's. They choose to project that uncertainty on other people as though saying, "We don't know what we are meant to do with our lives so we're going to listen to what a book says written by MAN thousands of years ago. If you don't want to go to Hell, you will do the same as us. We clearly don't know much about God but we are TOTALLY certain that emotional manipulation will draw people towards him and God just looooooooooooooves emotional manipulation!" Same goes for people who claim to kill in the name of God. Those people are not working for light either and better hope they don't get cut down by the Almighty himself because he is not above that at all.
FYI............ Just because someone SAYS that the Bible is the word of God does not make it so. If I eat just veggies, I might poop in small pellets. That does not mean I'm a moose. I guess what I'm trying to say is when a book is urging others to condemn homosexuals, stone adulterers, and who only knows what else (I haven't read it cover to cover so I can't remember much)............that's not of light at all and God is light. Pure and simple.
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I agree completely