Too Painful

I'd been to three beaches last month. The first time put me into a severe flood of excitement which made me care less to the scorching heat of the sun while I played with the waves. I bathe in the sun from 10am- 1pm while wallowing with the water.

The pain won't subside for more than a week.

So for the next two beach sessions, I preferred to stay under a shaded area with my son who was really afraid of the ocean. We played with the sand while his sister enjoyed toying with the waves at the shore. Good thing she did not complained of sunburn on her very tanned skin. Perhaps the sunblock worked alot.

I only took a dip in the afternoon when the sunset was already protruding from a far horizon. I enjoyed the the water with the flecks of orange reflection.
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4 Responses May 1, 2011

**grins wickedly while having an imagination of devouring one big shrimp!..Yummmy..

Blush's shrimp red, gulps, what a way to go, im for

hahaha...By the wy, shrimp is my favorite! love to eat them....Yum!

Ouch, i know what it's like, and I turn into a shrimp in two