Teenage Hubris

The summer I was 17, I went with a mob of other teenagers to a water park.  Being the bubble-head that I was, I managed to forget to bring sunscreen.  Being seventeen and immortal, I decided to do without.

Have I mentioned that I have extremely fair skin?

Eight hours in the water in a spaghetti-strapped swimsuit without even a T-shirt to protect me.  I effing fried.  Even the part in my hair burned.  It was bad enough that the nominally-in-charge adults debated taking me to the ER.  In the end, they called my dad to take me home. 

I spent the next week alternately blistering and peeling.  Never in my life have I burned that bad, and I hope to never do so again!

Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 28, 2012