People often tell me, - you're so white, - you are as white as a ghost, - don't you think you need to take some sun?  Yes, I do think these comments are annoying and I am a white and not that white.  I never liked taking the sun but I won't lie as I tried a few times and the times which I did, I always got burned and on my honeymoon, I got burned to the crisp, geez it was painful and it hurts so much.  I got so many bubbles on my shoulders and back....throughout our time, I watched my hubby tan while I was under a tree in the shade covered with a towel, what a joy that was, lol....The only time I take the sun is if I'm doing something around the house, or play badminton, soccer etc...I'm usually in the shade and I prefer it that way.  I was told by a dermatologist, since I am pale, I need to go to bronzage (tanning spa) before sunbathing it will avoid getting burned.

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Thanks Mich for your comment which is true and it makes sense...In the past, I've also tried tanning and not into it either...