My Words Should Be Write The First Time...

But never are... as I find out everytime i utterly refuse to proofread an EP story... Then I see some sentence-negating typo and the story has 5 views already in the first sixty seconds after hitting Enter.
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Why should I have to proofread -A SUBJECT LINE-? :-D<br />
<br />
All words are "write"... They're just not necessarily "right".<br />
<br />
I wonder how many of you DIDN'T NOTICE?<br />
<br />
I have strong romantic feelings for the name January. I noted an interesting an eggsample of this name on a sign while riding a bus (Liked the font or whatever). Later went back to take a picture and two of her letters were TRANSPOSED! I posted this photo to a blog and got about 20 replies saying "Typo? What Typo?"

You gotta love the typo/thinko in the subject Line...