I Hate Hawaii

The worst place I have ever lived. Never have I experienced a group of such self rightous people who expect others to be so beholden to them, yet claim the reason why they dislike "outsiders" is because they are arrogant. I find simply being kind and open is the way to go, always. Not here. If you are not local, meaning you have lived there forever, forget getting a decent (still crappy in comparison to what you can do elsewhere, not limited to the mainland) job. I think they wear living there for years as a badge of honor because it is sucks so much, it is an endurance contest. I have never been to a place where people introduce themselves by how long they have lived there, Really. Who cares. The longer you live in Hawaii, the crazier you become. I am an educated person who has held a professional job for some years, and decided to move out to Hawaii with my fiancee to start our new lives together. After much planning and saving, off we went to begin our future. I have lived and travelled all over the world, so I figured I could make it anywhere. This still holds true. I can make it anywhere. But damn did I hate Hawaii, and I wouldn't want to live there if it were free.

First, while I appreciate cultures in all shapes and styles, I will say the culture of Hawaii doesn't have a whole lot to capture my interest. I do not find the inability to spell or speak English (should it be the speakers primary language of course) acceptable by any means. And yes, I probably have some errors in here, but please, don't bother being trivial by pointing them out, you get the point. I do not find the local color charming by any means. To me, it is base.

Second, The weather claims to be so beautiful. Bull. It is blazing hot, monotonous, humid and no matter how many showers I took, I felt dirty. My fiancee and I always woke up in a pool of sweat and we couldn't even fall asleep in each others arms anymore because it was too damn hot. Why not run the AC you ask? Because our electric bill was 300 bucks a month and that is just running a couple of fans and really trying to conserve energy in our 900 dollar a month studio shithole. Of course my college degree not only did not matter but was basically frowned upon (what, she thinks she is better than us??), I found myself working the WORST job of my life. You have to work there YEARS just to be a waiter, and the waiters would not even talk to me because I was just so lowly. Seriously, to be shunned by waiters at a crappy job was just too much. Plus I busted my *** and made the worst money I have made since high school. Ughh. Just writing this gets me heated. I wouldn't feel so demeaned working hard at a low paying job if there was a sense of family, but there wasn't. I was a serf and treated as such. Bullshit I say. NEVER, not because I am better, but because I would never treat someone like that no matter what they were doing.

Third, Rock fever, man. I have to see more than just what is Hawaiin. I need a rest from it. A reprieve. Not happening. All Hawaii, all the time. It is enough to make me want to slit my wrists. I like museums, art is a vise to me, seeing shows, going to a reading, a concert, whatever. I need that stuff like I need water. If you just want to sit on a beach and talk about nothing all day while slaughtering the English language, Hawaii is for you. Not me. If anyone local reads this, all I can say is, it is truly your loss. I have dedicated my life to helping others who move to the States figure it out and get comfortable. It is my occupation. Perhaps this is why I am so sensitive to such an attitude coming from people who have no right to have one. Island hillbillys I call you. Get some education and then maybe I will think your point is valid. Otherwise, enjoy your crappy lives.
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I am 10 years old and I live in Hawaii...and I love it. I'm really sorry you don't like it, but please don't be mean. I don't have a crappy life at all, but I'm so sorry your experience was bad. I just don't like people being so rude (but I'm not trying to be mean to you.) can't everyone just be a little nicer about it? I read the comments and some people were really mean to each other and to the place I live in. I personally haven't experienced any of the things in your story (except for the humidity.) I'm really sorry for anyone who had a bad time here, but I want everyone to know its beautiful in its own way. And I'm sure all the places you live in are amazing too. :)

In Hawaii, the first thing we're taught is respect. The second is how Caucasian settlers came and held their queen captive while they overthrew the island. So if you're wondering why the locals take pride in where they come from it's because every time a snotty *** person like you comes they always want to change **** and can never be happy with just the breath of life, hence why the word "haole" means without breath.

I was offered a really awesome job on one of the islands as a Chiropractor last year. I am from Florida originally. When I got here, the owners wife felt threatened because she said I was "too pretty and too successful" to work with her husband. Crazy right? Well, after about a month my boss told me that his wife was divorcing him unless he got rid of me. So he asked me to leave. My boss was much older and extremely unattractive, and I felt like it was a horrible thing to happen to someone who didn't deserve it. Especially considering that I had just re-located here from Florida. As a Chiropractor I had an impossible time trying to find another associateship. With 8 years of college and the same student loan and education as a medical doctor, I was left totally screwed. The island I live on is small, and I contacted all of the other Chiropractors trying to get a job with them. As they ran single doctor practices, this was not possible. I have been here 8 months and I don't even have enough $ to move back. I had to forfeit my license in Florida to stay here and it is $600 to get it back. Since I was in school for 8 years I have no work history and I couldn't even find a job as a waitress. Plus, no one wanted to hire an out of work Chiropractor. I am borderline homeless, and would give anything to go home. Hawaii has been spoiled in my mind forever

Blame your hate for your experience on living in Hawaii on everyone and everything else.... If you did hate it so much why didn't you just slit your wrists like you said?? Some people love Hawaii and some people don't, chill out.

If Hawaiians hate white people then I absolutely LOVE Hawaiians. :)

Alright, so I grew up on Maui for 20 years - my family's from Japan - they moved when I was a year old. Father's from a military family, he's half Sicilian/Japanese, my mom's Korean. Don't even get me started on the racism they had to go through. After 20 years I lived on O'ahu for 4 years, and lived in Los Angeles for 7 years after that to work in the film industry, so I think I got a pretty good grasp on the contrast. First thing I'll say is there's truth in absolutely everything that everyone is saying here. I was teased for being mostly asian - Japanee I was called, while the kids made slant eyes with their hands, pulling their eyes back. But that's nothing the **** that white kids have to go through…tragic..even the teachers will subtly talk down on haole students when I was in high school. "what you ****** haole?!" - heard that everyday since ******* kindergarten. The amount of bullying is insane, and sadly, usually stems from the attitude of the local parents: many kids that bully (and this is true anywhere) are following the attitude-example set by their parents that usually smack the **** out of them. "eh boy, get me one bea' if you no like one false crack!" the overweight uncle says while his father says "what, you no hear uncle?! hurry up you little fucka!!" as they get smashed around a grill while they grill the some tako and opihi they caught/gathered with the foodland-bought pipikaula being shared in it's foam plate (yeah I really grew up there) Drugged out island hicks that survive off of welfare and bud-light? True, just like there's inbred hicks living in trailers right alongside the loving country grandma that'll cook you a fresh apple pie who's the most authentically nice person you've met besides having lived a life that most would describe as hellish? You get where I'm going with this right? This kind of mentality is everywhere, it just takes different forms, it's just more in your ******* face in a small town/island. I've seen confederate flags waved around in some outskirts of cali and oregon, how do you think I'd be treated if I just walked around in those places? **** I still get asked if I'm "from here"(America) for **** sake I speak PERFECT English and Pidgin…**** I can even talk with a damn Cockney accent with all the actors I've hung out with. I even had a voice-over agent send me Cambodian scripts to audition because she assumed being able to speak a bit of Japanese meant "speak a little bit of anything Asian". -this is one example where the term"dumb haole" is valid. If you're thinking "what's the difference between Cambodian and Japanese?" you fall into this category - for some reason or another, at least in Hawai'i, the local populace knows the damn difference, because they know that "Asian" does not mean everywhere in Asia…I mean Russia is Asia ffs. Anyway, Ignorance is everywhere, I have to say the KIND of ignorance is unique in the mainland US and Hawaii. In defense of people that hate hawaii - hey I get it; some locals are DUMB as ****, like HOLY **** HOW CAN YOU BE THAT STUPID?! And MEAN?! But wait, PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE!! It's just that on an island or rural community, it's just more pronounced because you can't hide from it. City like LA, NYC (oh yeah, worked there for several months, you want rude mean people under the excuse of "hey at least they're not lying/plastic about it like L.A.!"), **** anywhere crowded, you have a few friends/groups you choose, and ignore everything else. Hard to do in a small chain of islands 3000 miles away from everything. Locals are pissed about what the whiteman did to the islands, understandable, yet wtf did Kamehameha do? Unite the islands? Yeah because everyone was ******* killing each other left and right, so he killed and ruled, just like every type of Kingdom-based society every-******* where when it was all Game-of-Thrones. Am I defending the "whiteman?" No, everybody's a damn pillaging, enslaving murderer somewhere down the line, ****** up as it is, we're all by-products of wars. Now, I do know for a fact that my friends and my brothers current friends just loved going around punching tourists out because there's nothing to do for them besides that…most of those kids are in jail now. But here - **** I lived in a ghetto part of Highland Park and got immune to gunfire, to the point where a drive-by with semi-autos happened 50 feet away from me and a friend having a talk outside and we didn't even BLINK. No, that's not a good thing. Local boys think you're tough in Hawai'i, we have authentically ****** up **** up here you don't see. Damn right MS-13: home invasions, tying up families, raping and killing them in front of the father before executing all of them. **** like that doesn't happen in Hawai'i..last time I checked anyway. So this post is getting long, I'm just saying - both sides can be right, people are awesome and suck everywhere. About island fever and the paradise setting - after driving 600 mile round trips to go take photos for fun out into ghost towns in Cali, WHY THE **** is going to Wailea to Lahaina "FAR"?! Oh, because it's like a quarter of the island, and 45 minutes is A LONG ****** DRIVE, brah….if you've never lived outside the islands. It's all relative. You know what I realized though - people in Hawai'i, many, are terrified of the mainland. If I could draw a map of the world from my childhood mind, I could name most countries and I'd label the continental USA "THERE BE DRAGONS..and crazy haoles". I discovered the latter to be true..but I've worked in film/tv in L.A. - almost everyone is ******* nuts..but you expect it. Paradise - yeah Hawai'i is stunning, but honestly I personally was most visually blown away by the redwood forests and coast of NorCal than anything I've seen in Hawai'i..the sheer span and falcons, vultures, etc, and as a fan of ghost towns - the abandoned mining towns here and places in don't get that in Hawai'i…at the same time, the water is ******* freezing and it's raining 80% of the time up there so ****. Anyway my point - **** comes with the territory, some people handle it better than others and take a place for what it is - not for everyone. Nowhere is. Especially Liberia - see with enough research, you can just never go to some places because you can tell it's not for you.

Great review!

You made some sense until you mentioned the "States". Hawaii is a state. You are referring to the mainland. BTW, I wouldn't consider living there as well.

Dummy, he meant ppl outside of the US relocating to "the States". Not everything is about the pathetic little island chain called Hawaii!


Blah, blah, blah, Kalena. I've heard all that HI history before. Old News. Again, none of it excuses the active racism shown by locals toward caucasians TODAY. And funny how I've never experienced racism from any other group while growing up in a very diverse part of the mainland. Was I somehow only "hateful" and "ignorant" to locals in HI but nowhere else. Btw, that's called sarcasm because that reasoning is as ridiculous as your posting. Finally, if you're only responding to the OP, why are you as a local trolling sites re why Hawaii sucks. I'm from NY and don't look for sites about why NY sucks. And guess what? If someone felt it did, that would be their opinion based on their personal experience - and they are entitled to it. Secure people recognize that. Way to go, OP!!

Obviously you are not educated as much as you believe you are in the Hawaiian Culture. yes, the way we speak may seem to be improper English, however it is called pidgeon and originated on the plantations, due to all the different ethnicities and language, pidgeon was a way to compile all of the languages and make one that everyone could use to communicate, yes it is primarily English because the people who ran the plantations were white, however it is apart of Hawaii's culture now. Also, yes there may be plenty of racist people over here, however it is not as severe as you make it out to be, I am sure if you were more respectful and open to the way of life in Hawaii, and not as hateful and ignorant, your experience and the people around you would have been more enjoyable. Lastly if you are going to complain about how we are so uneducated and speak so improper please ensure that you have no spelling or grammatical errors, I know you said not to mention it, however I find it rather hypocritical and contradictory.

Believe me, I learned more HI history than I ever wanted to while living there. And what always got me was how so many uneducated locals acted as if HI is alone in the experience of being conquered and forced to change as a result. How about learning some general world history?! Then you'll know HI is not so unique. And to claim that locals - most of whom aren't even Hawaiian - have some right to be racist toward caucasians today is just so lame. Locals are prejudiced because like all prejudiced people, they're uneducated and unaccomplished and turn to racism/a distorted sense that they're superior to others to make themselves feel better about themselves. Btw, are you even local? And if so, why are you trolling a site dedicated to why HI sucks? So sad...

Try learning the history of Hawai'i. Do you know what the Americans did to it? They took the culture, religion and the land. Locals are that way because they know the history and perhaps they do take it a little far but I'm sure you would too if an entirely new country came a took over your home and then changed EVERYTHING about it. If they came and told you that you couldn't speak your language or dance or practice whatever religion you have.

Not sure who you're responding to, Fibchopkin, as you never identify anyone. Either way, I'm happy to hear you've had a mostly positive experience w locals in HI. However, I don't think you should assume anyone's negative experience there is due to a lack of exposure to locals. In fact, I had MUCH MORE than you have - which seems to be limited to neighbors and some classmates - as not only did I date several local men, living with one for years, I worked with locals while serving a mostly local population for over a decade. So when I say that many locals are shockingly uneducated and prejudiced, it is coming from an informed place. And even the several local friends I did make via work stated this. Your experience is just that, your experience. And it's a limited one at that.

Wow, I'm sorry your experience was so terrible, but I have to wonder how much effort you expended in actually getting out of Honolulu and learning to understand the aina and what it means to most Native Hawaiians.

My own experience could not have been more different from yours. We moved here, like so many others, because of the military. We decided to buy a house and scouted around the island of Oahu until we found an area we really liked- a small town on the windward side of the island with a good school nearby and a low crime rate. Our neighborhood is very mixed, a handful of military mixed in with a large number of locals and Native Hawaiians. From the first minute we moved in, our neighbors, especially the women, swarmed us with support, food, offers of free child care, free car rides, and well... Aloha. Our next door neighbor ( A local of mostly Japanese descent, for the record) helped me install new plumbing free of all charge except for a beer and a chat when my husband got sent out on mission our second week here. "Auntie" Lei, a Truly amazing Hawaiian Native lady who is very steeped In traditional culture (even works daily in the Lo'i and pounds her own kalo) popped over every day for a week during my first days back to school for my MS just to make sure I was eating and coping with being a virtual single mom and full time student. My neighbors down the street, a mixed couple, she's haole, he's mostly Native with some Pake- I think, and their five children welcomed my so into their tumultuous and wonderful family, and now the six of them run in and out of all the houses in our neighborhood, where they are loved, fed, and disciplined by every Auntie and Uncle in the neighborhood. Yep, the village is raising all our children together and I never worry about safety the way I did on the mainland.

Meeting and living with all these wonderful people, and hanging out with Auntie Lei led me to want to learn more about Hawaiian culture and tradition, so I took a HAP studies course at my school (I go to UH, but I know for a fact that every community college on the island offers at least one Hawaiian studies course). I learned about the ties between the land and the people in Polynesian culture, about the horrendous and underhanded way that the Hawaiian monarchy was forced out of Honolulu by a puppet government and a "Bayonet Constitution". I learned that pidgin, while difficult to get used to at first, is a mishmash of languages developed by a mix of cultures who forced to work in the sugar canes and pineapple plantations and whose children were not allowed to attend school. I learned that many people speak it now both in defiance of a society that continuously belittled and undervalued them, and also in respect of beloved grandparents and great grands who had no real choice in their speech because they were denied school and needed to work in the fields. After learning about all these things, the (very few) hostile locals and Natives I've met made more sense to me. Their great-grandparents and great-greats had their land forcibly taken or underhandedly stolen away, and now tourism and foreign influence has driven real estate prices, cost of living, and job competition through the roof. While I don't consider myself responsible for the troubles here, I am capable of imagining myself in the shoes of some who do, and can at least understand their bitterness- I might be bitter too, if my ancestry and culture were slowly being both marginalized and commercialized at the same time.

As I said, I'm sorry your experience was so awful, but it's very difficult for me to believe that you were truly willing to learn about and understand Island culture, beyond the plastic insincerity of Waikiki and downtown honolulu. And as for calling the local flavor "uneducated," well, to each his own, but I find it charming and relaxed. I suppose you might find my own hometown dialect uneducated sounding too, though. Whether it's Southernese, Geechee, Gullah, Boston slang, Brooklyn drawl, Texas twang, or Hawaiian Pidgin, I think the cultural differences in our American language should be celebrated, not denigrated.

Right on! The Hawaiian "culture" as it stands is one of the most uneducated, unaccomplished, irresponsible, insecure and prejudiced I've ever seen. Instead of putting their energy into fixing their horrible schools and above average rates of meth addiction, domestic violence and dependence on welfare, the locals prefer to whine about hoales, blaming whitey for everything with no sense of a broader world. Believe it or not, other cultures have been conquered, having their land taken while being forced to speak another language. Yet they still managed to survive and even thrive. Look at Israel! Ireland! The list goes on. So stop the endless whining and blaming and fix your decaying culture! Sooo lucky I "no longer live hawaii"!

Actually, Hawaii had the greatest literacy percentage EVER.

Um, what time period are you referring to? A 2009 study deemed 1 in 6 HI locals "functionally illiterate".


Simple answer to reason why we don't like foreigners.
Hawaiians were treated badly when whites took their culture away, forced us to praise their God, killed us with their diseases, and abolished the Hawaiian Monarchy by force.
Don't you have the common sense to out together a good reason (with this information given) why we are retaliating against whites?

And, of course, the whites you are retaliating against are the very ones who personally committed those criminal acts, right? You sound rather ignorant.

So u say locals r bad people? how about u show respect to the islands and the locals and maybe ur life wont be so bad. u say the weather is hot here? go to Florida and complain. us locals live off this so dont act like u suffering ok? u say that locals speak bad english. its called pidgen, created by Japanese, Hawaiians, Philippines, Hispanics, Chinese, and Some Europeans during the times of the sugar period where haoles (foreigners mainly whites) took power away from the Native Hawaiians and owned us for hard labor for the sugar industry. Calling me an "Island Hillbilly"? where in the mainland where there is: no crime, no racial tensions, no foreign or alternate languages, or actual paradise? u make Hawaii sound like Far Cry 3, but have u checked Maui? Kauai? Molokai? Big Island? No? then shut up. U better watch what u say bout Hawaiians, cuz Americans destroyed our society and we dont take that kindly even today. and THAT settles the outsider issue.

Ignorant statement.

I live in a tropical island where central AC is not a must.Please get me out of here!!!!Me no savage!

I spent the last two decades of my life trying to buy a house on the Big Island. Home ownership has been just out of my reach. I did, however, manage to buy a condo. Good thing, as living here has shown me the nasty reality of the islands.

The beautiful places I visited long ago are now trampled and trashed. Crowded, dirty beaches and lifeless barren rock where there used to be thriving coral and fish communities. All gone.

The homeless wander the streets, half dead from exposure to the hot sun and filthy streets. The so called locals, bitter and angry, make up any reason to give you stink-eye. Beat up trucks with "defend aloha" stickers that proclaim their hate of foreigners. It is hard to live aloha when bad attitudes are so common.

So many just barely scrape by. It is so sad. They are too poor to move to the mainland where a better quality of life exists. I wondered why there were so many former islanders on the mainland, now I know why.

I made one last offer on a house recently. A last chance to make a life in Hawaii. I full well know that I can live better on the mainland, but I still have a glimmer of hope to live the life of aloha. Who knows, maybe in some small way I can blend in and do some good here. After all, good or bad, almost every living thing on the islands came from somewhere else.

bumper stickers show no sign of foreigner disapproval. get ur fact straight cuz as a local, i only hate foreigners who show disrespect or dont know how to live a rough life (you). we have homeless cuz too many people in our islands. u want better island? Maui. nuff said.

I want to apologize for an error on my post. I wrote that the "defend aloha" bumper stickers proclaimed hate of foreigners. The correct statement should have been "defend Hawaii" bumper stickers are displayed by a minority of locals who hate foreigners. You know, the decal and t-shirts that have a military assault rifle on it? It symbolizes hate of foreigners, period. Those who fill their heart with hate will never be happy. If you are happy on the island, just enjoy your life. Does it really matter what people post here? You know as well as I do, Hawaii life isn't for everyone.

it symbolizes the defense for the hawaiian way. u dont have to say that hawaiians hate foreigners cuz of stereotypes. i would know cuz my cousin makes those shirts

I could not agree more with the OP. First of all, the weather here sucks. It is hot, the sun is blazing, and the humidity drives me crazy! I cannot sleep half the time, maybe except in the winter, due to humidity. Second of all, the food here is terrible. All they have is McDonald's and Subways. Coming from California, I miss In-N-Out, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, etc... well, you get the idea. And ethnic foods here for horrible as well. The only decent foods I can find here are Thai foods, but only because there are many Thai living here. But they eff up all other ethnic foods catered to cheap Hawaiian taste with lots of sugar and mayo. How much spam and micro-salad can these people eat???

The locals are so proud of their "paradise" and think mainland is only composed of LAS VEGAS. Vegas isn't the only mainland place out there. Try visiting a different states/locations other than making the same lame Vegas trip every weekend. All the businesses and radio stations promote are Vegas, Vegas, and more Vegas. Yeah, a good way to educate your kids on gambling.

Next, the drivers. Wow, these people cannot drive to save their life. Until I came to Hawaii, I have never seen people driving in a fast lane going at 35 mph. If you are going to drive like a grandma, MOVE OVER TO SLOWER LANE!!! And the roads here are messed up with so many potholes they only temporarily fix so they can "fix" it again a couple of months later. And what is up with people here spending five minutes to back in? If you can't back in, just park it with your nose in! Instead of impeding traffic in the already tiny parking lot! Paradise would not have backed up traffic on the WEEKENDS both in Waikiki and NORTH SHORE. Sometimes I don't even bother going out on the weekends because the traffic is nightmare.

To sum it up, if I had a choice, I'd much rather live in any other 48 contiguous states. The only reason why I live here is because of my family. Yeah I agree OP, Hawaii SUCKS.

mainland sux! some states dont have an ocean, culture, good education, respectable people, good law/justice system, and hawaiians. i agree on the 48 contagious states, but Hawaii is one of a kind so respect it

I never said I did not respect Hawaiian culture. That is not the issue here. My problem with Hawaii is the way the state is run. As a local here, I'm seeing Hawaii turning into another Metropolitan cities such New York and LA, except with no variety. Seriously, how many McDonald's and Subways does this island need? Why not create a room for some other major establishments, or mom and pop places? And what is up with building more ***** malls with stores such Sak's Fifth Avenue??? I guess all the state care about is making money off rich tourists? Many Hawaiians are on EBT. So what good is Bloomingdale's and Saks? In a nutshell, Oahu is just another crowded place transforming into mainland wannabe, with lot less choices. As I'm typing this, I see bumper to bumper traffic. The current time is 10:17PM.

Hawaii's average temp is 72 ****** degrees F. Mainland 110 degree heat waves and 20 degree winters. WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? think hawaii is crowded? VISIT ******* NEW YORK

Im glad i found your text!
My short story:
Im from Germany and visited the US for vacation many times before. It was always great. Friendly people, lots to explore, amazing nature. Its always a time which i never will forget.
This time my girl came with me and i made the big mistake to book 4 days Hawaii too. It should be a lil rest of our exicting trip thru the southwest of the USA.
Big big mistake. Todays the last day of the four most badest holiday days in my life and i can tell you, i have many places seen in my life!

The hawaiin, friendly ******** rip you off where and whenever they can. You pay for everthing and you pay everytime money for trash(food for example)
You get treated if those people over here are the highest human on earth. The hotel sucks, everywhere are people laying on the street in their own ****.
I mean, one of the most things i get pissed from is how i get rip off day by day. Im to tired and angry to say everything what i have seen here. Im just glad to leave this island in a few hours and i will never come back. I going to post a detailed text about my experiences on every german tourist website i can find. And even if my text will beware just one person from flying to this arrogant island my job would be done
Greetings from Hawaii
Benni/ Munich

Well you are a spoiled little @sshole. As mentioned before, people are working their #@$%! @sses of and people just need money to pay rent, water, etc. Hawaiians do not lie in their own ****. And you are talkin bout the US? puh-lease look at your own f*ckin country. Hello? heard of, oh I don't know, NAZIS, HITLER, THE HOLOCAUST, etc. if u dont like it, hop your *** on a plane to your hellhole of a country.

I thought I was going to Hawaii to work, and a retreat from the busy mainland. I was there for 18 months, and after getting pushed out of another job, I prayed that God would help me get outta there. Although I was white, I was getting abused by white people who fled from the mainland to bully others (AND THEY ALL GET AWAY WITH IT!!!). There's a huge bullying spirit over the entire Island. It's like High School times 300. I didn't even know how oppressive and awful it was until I escaped, this week. Besides, I couldn't afford it anymore, lived paycheck to paycheck, got pushed out of jobs, etc. I EVEN HAVE A PHD. It took 24 hours back in California and I am kissing the ground, praying I never get stuck there or anywhere like that again. I feel lighter, already feel healthier, brighter. There is a darkness and oppressive aspect that leaves once you get back on the Mainland. The awful thing, is that some (especially on Maui) believe they are living the good life, but don't even realize how miserable they are. God rescued me from that horror, and He can rescue you too! Thanks for your post. Besides, I have to say, I was soooo unhealthy in Hawaii. I gained weight, ate bad, and felt bloated. lol...... In California, feel like I've already lost 10 pounds of DEPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT AND DON'T DIE THERE

I agree to an extent I was raised her and left at 21 we came back September 2012 and will be leaving in February 2014 this is not the home of my childhood and I had a great one here! And a lot if complaining about Hawaiians well honestly I can stand the way the Asian community treats people they are rude and pushy try riding the bus? They act as if this is their Island. A lot of local people white and of Hawaiian decent have said the same thing they couldn't bomb it so they bought it! The moms at my daughters school are rude and bitchy and we live in the Kapahulu area where I grew up my daughter was picked on by the little Asian girls not Hawaiian(local) she was in kindergarten for crying out Lois who cares what kind of clothes you have!? I will spend the next 5 months with a positive attitude but as soon as the plane lands in Seattle I am kissing the ground. I will always carry the Hawaii of my childhood in my heart but most likely I will never return.

Its pretty sad that the entire island is labeled as island hillbilly's with no education. If you cant seem to get a job on an island that you call "low standards" then that says a lot about the education you have. There are a lot of non Hawaiians and locals that have good paying jobs in Hawaii, so you can't say the reason you couldn't get a job in Hawaii is due to the fact that you weren't born and raised on the islands. As for the weather of course it's going to be humid the island is located right above the equator, people think it's heaven because it's constantly at a neutral temperature all year round and they don't have to buy clothing for each time the seasons change. And for the pigeon language that most of you keep referring to, it was created so workers of all ethnicity such as Asians, Portuguese, and Hawaiians could understand each other as they worked on the plantations back in the 1900's, Its part of history and was past down through the years changing to what we now know as modern pigeon. As for people swearing at you on the road, fighting, brawls late at night? you can get that anywhere alcohol and drunks are located, it doesn't only happen in Hawaii. And money suckers? Oh please, everyone does what they need to do to make ends meet, everyone is a money sucker some way or somehow not just those who live in Hawaii. As for the low education level in Hawaii? the benchmarks and standards used in the public school systems are set higher then most states in the U.S, not to mention the president of the United States might I add graduated from Punahou, a school where? located on the island of Oahu. To live here is expensive but those who live here make it work, if they can do it why can't you? My parents never went to college and didn't have land past down to them like most Native Hawaiians do, they busted their butts working general labor jobs but were able to afford a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms and raise 5 kids with the small income that they had. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin or the type of blood that runs through your veins, it's about whether you can do what you need to do to survive, Isn't that how it is everywhere? The fact that things didn't work out for most of the people who decide to live here isn't because they're not local, it's due to the fact that they think it's going to be paradise when in actuality it's a dog eat dog world. And stop referring to the people who live in Hawaii Hawaiians, yes some of us do have Hawaiian blood in us but we are Americans just like you.

THANK U!! a real person!!


My mom made the mistake of moving us there from Outside Chicago in 1977 after falling in love with Jack Lord because she watched too many "Hawaii-50" episodes- Subsequently i've condemend her to eternal damnation since her wonderful choice resulted in decades of therapy for me that only recently ended!
I suffered there in public schools from 3rd grade through the University of Aloha. I must admit, there was more aloha then then there is now- less populated, less development, less poverty- but i still remember as an 8 year old kid sitting in the backseat while my mom was driving and she asked a truck driver to move his truck a bit so we could squeeze by- he's aloha infused response: "Shut up and wait you dumb *****!"
From that time I was hassled, jeered, picked on, and made to feel like a complete outsider for most of the time i lived there- I even had a guy pull a knife on me as i was walking to my apartment in Waikiki after parking my car- I talked my way out of it and cursed the "Local Boyz-No Ka Oi" the longer i lived there-
Believe it or not, i got jumped by a group of 3-4 'young polynesian gentlemen' last year right outside of Jack in the Box on Kuhio ave. in Waikiki- I was just about to go in and say hello to 'Jack' and have a bite when i was suddenly hit in the face!! i was called a '******* Haole' (for about the millionth time) I was so pissed, i threw my cell phone at one of them as hard as i could- didnt see where it hit him, but i did here the thud (much to my delight!) the next thing i knew i was running around the corner and confronted 2 of them- I kicked one of them and then was jumped by the other one- they both piled me and wailed on my head of few times! then, a couple of military guys (more stinin' Haoles!) came over to help- of course by then the cowards had run off into the night without even giving me a lay!
In a nutshell- If you're thinking you'll find paradise living there- think again- unless your are exceedingly wealthy and can create a bubble- but then it won't really be Hawaii- thank God!!!

As an African American I absolutely LOVE the fact that white people get to get a taste of your own medicine.

Wow. Seriously? A taste of our own medicine? Yes, because we are all racist. I can't remember a single time when I ganged up with white friends and jumped a black kid. I do, however, recall being jumped by some black kids because I wouldn't give her some candy I just bought. Thank god I know how to fight. Really though, this racism thing has GOT to stop. Why can't we just dislike people because they suck and not because of their color?

I haven't read any of the responses, but I did read your article. I have lived here for five years now, moved here from San Francisco. Wow, reading this was like reading my own experience thus far!! It really is awful. I can't wait to get off this hell-hole of an ignorant rock. I am a nice, hardworking person. I have never in my life been treated like such sh*t merely because I wasn't born and raised here. Yes I have traveled (people are actually proud of never even leaving the island of Maui) and yes I read books (they also take pride in not reading/writing/speaking proper English) and no I do not fight (they love to fight and brag about it. P.S. The cops don't do ANYTHING but abuse their power. It is sad and may as well be a third world country, or worse. Oh, unless you are local/related, in which case the cops here are on your side.) all of this and more makes me want out of here. I am in my 30's, live with my fiance, live in a over-priced crappy studio, and we are having a baby in December. There is NO way I will raise my child here. No way will I allow my kid to grow up being forced to fight & brawl... Not to mention the terrible education here. Operation Move Back To The Mainland AKA Anywhere but here is in effect! I can't believe I have lasted this long. This is a place for very rich, very retired people, or, dirt-poor miserable crazy stoners. Oh how I could go on...

another stereotypical haole. dont assume that all Hawaiians are stoners. mainlanders r the main stoners cuz thats where the legend of 420 came from: mainland. U say that Hawaii is so dirty and full of rats, look at mainland. besides mainland has drunk fights to so dont expect hawaii to b all bad cuz mainland does that every day AND night AND evening. and u say that hawaii is bad? again look at mainland. at least we dont hear sirens and gunshots EVERY NIGHT LIKE LOS ANGELAS, NEW YORK, LAS VEGAS, CALIFORNIA, 50 cents house, or ANYWHERE in the mainland for that matter. u hate Hawaii? thats ur problem.

I have yet to go one day in Hawaii where I have not heard police sirens. And yeah the mainland has some $#!+ holes and some bad places but in a place so small and that has so many commercials about how everybody is treated like family, people should at least expect to be treated decently, even if they have 'invaded' your island. Although last I checked Hawaii was as much part of America (as mad as some people might be about that) as Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, California.

Have you ever been to the mainland? If so, which cities and states. I was born and raised in a place where I hadn't heard a gun shot until I was in my 20's. My neighbors were polite, and police were a rare sight. And this was in a city with almost the same population as Honolulu. I get it, it sucks having people saying bad things about your home. But, for you to turn around and attack the ENTIRE mainland just proves you don't know what you are talking about. Comparing a small chain of islands to the entire contiguous 48 is just as horrible as the people who stereotype all Hawaiians.

I've met only ONE native Hawaian living in the Mainland whom I like. He was a terriffic fellow. The others who were from Hawaii.....well, I was more than willing to buy them a one-way plane ticket back to Hawaii. I really DO want the US to cut Hawaii loose. Who the hell needs/wants Hawaii as a state? We need to raise our standards and ditch that stupid lava rock with its inhabitants!

i agree about leaving Hawaii alone, but dont call us a lava rock. where in New York is there a Jungle with an ACTUAL TREE? where in Los Angelas do i not hear GUNSHOTS and SIRENS? actually America should be thankful because without Hawaii and our sugar, America would still be in the great depression

Actually, the war took America out of the depression. And every response you've had, all you do is list 4 major cities. Are those the only cities that you know to exist on the mainland? It might be. You are a child after all. A 16/17 year old fighting the battle of a lifetime. Defending his beloved island. Seriously, I'm super happy that you love Hawaii so much, but growing up on the mainland is a melting pot of culture. Every state is different. I grew up in the south, then moved all around the U.S., then I came to Hawaii. I don't like it here because it's not my home. That doesn't make me a spoiled haole, that makes me homesick. I respect your culture, but in return I want the same respect that I give. I haven't had that horribly racist experience that everyone else is talking about, I personally don't think it's as intense as they are saying. But maybe that's because I'm nice to everyone? Who knows. All I'm saying is that Hawaii isn't for everyone. Thank god it isn't. O'ahu wasn't meant to carry this many people!

Im happy that you dont wanna live on Hawaii! We have enough disresectful haoles over hear already . You colonizers make me sick !

I was happy as hell, when a psycho coworker moved back to Hawaii. He was a total A-hole, ....kinda like YOU.

Why are you commenting on this thread Manny ? Are you THAT overly sensitive? Get a grip!

Typical island mentality.
Too many haoles over "hear" !

i hear u bro

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Haft of the island is desert. What so beautiful about that? At night the road are so dark because they don't have street light. Yes the beaches are nice. You have to look at the whole picture of Hawaii. Not just the beaches. People that live in Hawaii majority of them are not rich . That is why they grow fruit trees in their backyard .

it's BEAUTIFUL because you get to see nature instead of buildings.
and wouldn't you want to save money by growing plants in your backyard.


California: has wide variety of gang warfare, bullet-holes in building, crazy maniacs, and dying animals due to: herpes, bird flu, animal abuse, and ***********. Hawaii is where America has paradise. California is where America has MS 13

***** pleez, 3/4 of the mainland is a desert, frozen wasteland, and ghetto. we grow fruit to show u ignorant mainlanders that we r hard working and that u never worked a day in ur life. I worked my *** off in a Taro patch, sugar field, and hunted boars before! and im 17! so uhhhh yea **** u

The vast majority of Cali is actually insanely beautiful, environmentally friendly, and organic. Now I sound like a hippie. Where's my peace sign? No? Ok.

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My worst family vacation ever. I went to hawaii as married . Went out as separated. Only been here for 3days. Hawaiin people here are so fake. We stay at 5 stars hotel in Maui. They are all money suckers. People pretended to be nice. Saying aloha when they see you .but the only reason they said aloha is because they know you got money. When they see you. They are seeing money signs on your face. Fake hawaii people. Money sucker

how do you know that? are you them no!!!! look I live and love Hawaii. yeah there are ups and downs about this place. and I learned to accept them. and why are you picking at the little things? what about how beautiful the place is?


typical haole. i believe ur "girlfriend" isn't hawaiian cuz being born in hawaii doesnt mean u a hawaiian, but it does mean u r a local. having family of those who work hard, lived well, and became better people because of the challenges we accept, those r hawaiians. haoles like u dont show respect to our aina, people and/or eachother.

Some haoles are dicks. Just like some of every race are dicks. That doesn't mean we are all like that. I'm white and I didn't come to Hawai'i to take over and monopolize. I came here because my husband is stationed here. The only thing I was sad about was no AC. I got over that pretty fast though. Some white people have had hard lives too, ya know. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon.

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So true Hawaii is a mirror, the got no style they copy stuff on t.v. i rather live in somewhere besides Hawaii.. people always say how is it to live in Hawaii, i say boring, expensive, stupid people who speak pigeon, i live here i hate everything. I dont understand why the Hawaiians still argue about their. land its retarded, atleast you can walk outside at night but they might think you're a hooker. i would live anywhere but here. It's the same wherever you go. it'll get boring.

what's wrong with pigeon? everyone speaks differently. and it's expensive compared to the mainland because there's less land compared to the mainland and on the mainland there's unlimited land and Hawaii only has a limited amount.


I agree with you

You think us wanting OUR land back is retarded?! How is it retarded? Its OUR land and if you dont like it so much then WTF were you doing here. Haoles like you make me sick but some actually have hearts and understand our point of view!


civilized? please u took over our lands and forced us to live how we do now. u haoles wanted our land for the sugar. us hawaiians were a great, strong, and proud race, until u haoles came along and took all our power away. we show the mainland friendship and this is how we r rewarded? u taking our lands? i'd rather work hard by rowing a canoe than driving a car like an obese RETARD (American)

LOL I always find it interesting how a disrespectful, racist, savage like yourself can turn around and lash out because people do not see your point of view, Hitler. Want some facts? Hawaiians were ignorant savages in a modern world. While people brandished firearms and steel they used wood; and do not say that they were intelligent, because they \"intelligence\" before missionaries arrived, was comparative to a dog fetching a stick. More truth you say. THE KANAKA VOTED TO REMAIN PART OF AMERICA EVEN THOUGH KAUILANI SUCCEEDED IN ALLOWING THE KANAKA TO VOTE. Swallow the truth about your savage culture, and keep speaking your ignorant broken english language. Now you may resume your hypocritical talk. LOL

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