It Makes Me Angry, Sad, and I Cry

I find it very hard to believe that some people cannot control themselves enough, or are such bullies, they have to harm poor, defenceless children.  I'm battling to find the right words to explain the depth of my feeling on this topic.  I also hate hearing about failures in the "system" that don't catch these monsters before permanent damage is done to these innocents.  It's a joke.  A very sad joke.

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3 Responses May 17, 2009

I agree. =)

Absolutely - I changed dr's surgeries recently and the HV called me to meet up. I'd met her before (she was hosting a group for PND) and I told her we were fine... And I'm being treated for PND... How bizarre is that?!<br />
And then you get Baby P stories where the HOSPITAL overlooked the signs as well...<br />
<br />

I agree completely with you. Having 3 children of my own, one only 9 months old i look at her and it breaks my heart to think of a child been abused. She depends on me for everything, and is so helpless. Im really not suprised though that so many abuse cases slip through the net. I live in England and when my other two children who are 7 and 9 were babies, you had to take them for regular visits to the health visitor, or they would come to your home, and make sure all is well. Since having my 3rd child i had a health visitor visit me at home when she was a few days old, she said before she left she could see it was a nice family and she had no concerns, and i should see her at clinic if i needed to. I think this is appauling, you simply can not go on that, so im not in the slightest suprised people can get away with abuse and neglect, parents should have to take their baby for regular check ups to make sure they are meeting all the milestones.