There are few things that stay with me and i cant get them out of my head, but this is one of them. I feel totally sickened has i write this. Just half hour ago i was bringing my child home from school when a woman walked past me with 5 or 6 kids in tow all ranging from 0-7 years id say the youngest a babe in arms, anyhow has she walked past she grabbed a little girl who was with her (she looked no more then 2yo) and repeatedly punched her in the face until blood streamed from her face. Both my children gasped with horror, i turned back barely believing what i had just witnessed. Both my children 10 and 8 were in tears over this by now, i felt helpless and guilty like i should have interviened, having a child of nearly 2 myself, i cant ever even think about giving her more then a stern word. Omg whats wrong with some people? In a seperate incident a child at my childrens school was been beaten and swore at by his own mother on the school grounds in full view of everybody, how the school delt with this? Told her if she didnt stop the child would have to find another school to attend!!! WTF? How about informing social services? The world sickens me too many times.

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Seems like a tough neck of the woods you have there. Perhaps if you witness something like that again --- whip out you cell phone (if you have one) and take a picture of the offender. Then Hi-tail it down the road and give the pic to the police.<br />
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