I Hear Cat Cries And Worry Some Poor Little Cat Is Homeless Needing Help Outside

I used to leave food outside incase when we had a few cats in the yard at night... there was one called rosie she lived two streets away and everytime she got lost it was our place she came...  that was about 2 -3 years ago now.  I just worry she is ok ... she needs medications and the dog used to make her run away from home.  

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1 Response Apr 26, 2012

I always ring them when we find her ,,, I wouldn't want my cat lost or homeless with an illness... I would hope to find her or someone feed her and get her medical help and see if they can find her owner...<br />
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so when I hear cats I worry and just hope if strays or homeless ones are about I will see them in daylight at dusk or morning or during the day.