I'm Bleeding From The Ears Here

I hate to be a music snob, but I am. Heavy metal makes me cringe. I think it sounds like music committing suicide. I get the whole being mad and angry thing, but why does it have to be used to create god awful music? Ah, and hearing people that listen to it talk about how all other music is gay *huge eyeroll* no sweetie, your music is gay. I feel like the musical talent of metal is highly overrated too. So you can play notes really fast and tap frets with your right hand while screaming at the top of your lungs and swinging your greasy hair around......wow.... *not impressed*  This is all just my opinion of course, maybe there are metal groups out there with talent that I just haven't come across, but I doubt it.

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talktolabomb, you say you can't imagine anything more crappy than metal. Really? How about rap, hip hop, techno, r&b, pop, country, etc., etc. I abhor rap. If anything, you should direct your hatred towards that genre...which shouldn't even qualify as a music genre. I mean, what the hell *do* you like?

I listen to a lot of music and - with the exception of the occasional rock band here and there and, of course, classical and jazz, metal is the only popular genre that doesn't completely suck now. Sure, a lot of it is angry, but there's a lot in the world to be angry about. Also, there's nothing better than a heavy metal guitar solo or riff... or the rapid fire drumming of a thrash metal masterpiece, like Arch Enemy's "Nemesis" or the beauty of "Blackwater Park" by Opeth. I'd put Metallica's "Master of Puppets" or "...And Justice For All" up against most anything else. Quite simply, there's nothing better. If you don't agree, I'd have to say you have questionable taste in what qualifies as good music or art.

Look people, I'm just some random person on some random site giving my stupid opinion about something. Why you people even take time out to start these big debates or discussions is beyond me.... I agree I think rap is trash I just figure any other like minded-person wouldn't even consider it when talking music.

And ugh god you don't even listen to "good" metal. How old are you? Like 15? 16? You'll grow out of it soon enough

Geez, you must listen to crap music, then.

I can't imagine anything more crappy than metal.

i hate metal

i hate metal

Want to know a secret? I used to be a metal-head when I was in my teens, then I started listening to other music and realized I was limiting myself so much by just listening to this one style of music that was just so angry and all sounded the exact same. It's all just my opinion, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, if you listen to metal and like it thats awesome, I just don't care for it. Although I don't think I'm alone when saying that metal guitarists being some of the best in the world is highly debatable. Maybe some of the lyrics are really good but from what I've heard I have yet to be truly moved by a song, mostly all I've heard is life "**** life, **** this, **** that, **** you." I'm also sure that Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky, are rolling over in their graves after being compared to metal.