I Really Hate Her

yes i really hate her because the way she treated me she use to chat with me and on the other side she use to tell the ep community that i was in love with her the really thing is i proposed her but she told me that she was in love with another guy so i said ok sorry for the proposel let me take it back from today we will be good friends she never liked my friendship and kept writing all dirty things about me jus tell me how can i be in love with a women well past 35 im still 24 its my curse she should never get her love she threw me out of her circle jus because im a muslim i was wanted to be her friend because she was raped i felt really sad for her but now i really hate her so its now upto to you my ep friends jus tell me what she did was rite or wrong
guuyy guuyy
22-25, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

i did not do it cause of your religion!!!!!!!!!! and i have all your emails of you telling me you are in love with me. quit acting like i hate muslims when i never hated muslims before !!!!!!!!!!!!!