I cannot say that I know what it's like to be addicted to heroin. From what I've seen it's like being in a prison inside your own body. My husband is addicted to it, I've seen this little tiny expensive drug take my husband, a beautiful hard working, loving man and turn him into a zombie. He's a slave to this drug, he spends 80% of his time nodded out the other 20 he spend on scrounging up money and then chasing down the dealers. We are living in a complete he. Almost everything has been pawned and of course he's lost every job he's had since he's been on it. Heroin is the devil, and it took my husbands soul from me.
26-30, F
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oh my god I can totally relate to your post my husband too has become someone I don't know he's not the man I married. He's become a slave to this drug and he too has pawned all my things and his tools and neighbors, left us broke and broken alone and left to wonder where we go from here what's going to become of us since he's in prison. I tried over and over again drug our daughter through this with him. we are left to pick up the pieces the once hero dad hard-working self-less is gone maybe never to return.

that breaks my heart